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A travel agent for large group meetings, incentives, conferences & exhibitions. Tour bookings for businesses when you want to bring your employees together with a custom made itinerary and hospitality setting

A travel agent specialising in MICE

Groups By Beyond is a MICE travel agency in Sydney that helps businesses or institutions to design, coordinate and manage incentive trips, congresses or conventions, corporate events as well as meetings or conferences.


MICE Travel Agent for Events


Discover unparalleled excellence in meetings management with our MICE travel agent services.

Seamlessly coordinate every aspect of your corporate gatherings, ensuring precision, professionalism, and unforgettable experiences. Trust us to elevate your meetings to new heights of success.

MICE Travel Agent for team building activities


Elevate your corporate incentives programs with our premier MICE travel agent services.

From bespoke reward trips to meticulously planned incentive events, we tailor experiences that motivate and inspire. Trust us to craft incentives that drive performance and exceed expectations.

MICE Travel Agent for Congress


Experience flawless conference planning with our esteemed MICE travel agent services.

From venue selection to delegate coordination, we ensure seamless execution and impactful outcomes. Entrust us to orchestrate conferences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression of excellence.

MICE Travel Agent for business incentives


Redefine exhibition success with our distinguished MICE travel agent services.

From strategic planning to logistical execution, we elevate your showcase with meticulous attention to detail. Count on us to deliver immersive exhibitions that captivate audiences and amplify your brand's presence.

Our travel agency has seen a lot of changes in the MICE travel sector and witnessed first hand how effective a large group trip can be to motivate staff & manegement. 

Whether to motivate and strengthen your team with an incentive trip, to communicate new products or services through congresses and conventions, to deliver new communication programs with an event, our MICE travel agency can help you plan each component.


"...Working with this travel agency made it easy to get our group of 40 people over to Europe for our conference"
Brian - CEO

"...Tony held my hand every step of the way. I was nervous about taking our company of 100 people over to Scandinavia, but it has energised our staff like never before"
Judy - Managing Director

"Tony has led corporate teams of 300+ people and knows how hard it is to keep them focussed & motivated. He helped me create an itinerary that not only blew everyone's minds, but it transformed our company.

He is a MICE travel agent that has walked in my shoes, I would never use another agency again"

Incredible destinations

We can help you find a suitable destination for any type of meeting, incentive trip, conference or exhibition.


Once we know the group size & the aim of your trip we will create an itinerary that makes sense and balances your business needs & budget.


We will work with you to create a trip plan that suits your business, the people travelling & the destination perfectly.


Whatever may be the business type, corporate meetings are an essential part of the business world. It is a platform to brainstorm about different new ideas and business ventures. There was a time when corporate meetings were confined within the walls of a conference room or a board room. 

Although in today’s world our travel agency can help you organise such meetings to be done in overseas locations quite easily. Business owners use premium meeting places to really galvanise staff, focus on company goals, visions and strategies. As travel agents we can arrange the best venues for a corporate meeting and provide customised services to organise travel, accomodation, meals and activities.



For any business an incentive trip can be the best way to motivate and stimulate your team, especially if there are clear goals & rewards communicated. Improving motivation and productivity needs to have a trip that is designed around your business goals, corporate identity & values.

Our corporate incentive travel agency can help you turn team members into great leaders within your business with loads of energy knowing they have a reward available for their hard work.

Attaining goals to help achieve growth, profitability improvements or market share can be achieved with great incentives in place for the whole team to enjoy. As a reputable corporate incentive travel agent in Sydney we have an extensive network of partners in Australia or overseas with preferential agreements to offer a great range of incentive options and destinations.


One of the most common business travel requirements is to attend a conference. Any type of small business, corporate enterprise or franchise group can use a conference to bring staff together to plan for a new financial year, brainstorm new business ideas or celebrate a milestone.

From annual meetings, team-building or project presentations we look for the perfect setting and adapt it to the needs of your event. We plan and coordinate every detail: from the welcome, registration process or the access to the meeting room to the relaxation areas and the selection and distribution of foods and beverages. We can also look for the perfect accommodation to host your guests, and we take care of the transfers whether by land, sea or air.

Events & exhibitions

An event or exhibition could be a new product launch, company anniversary or annual planning meeting. Once we understand the strategic goals you have for organising an event we can tailor make an execution to deliver every aspect you can think of.

With our extensive event management experience we can work through each step of the planning process with you including all the small details. With our network of travel partners we can ensure there is a comprehensive solution created that handles the number of people attending your event whether that is 50 or 500.

Tailor made itineraries for each traveller

Beyond Groups Travel sample itinerary via smartphone app screenshot
Play Video about Beyond Groups Travel sample itinerary via smartphone app screenshot

To make travelling easy not only do we customise every itinerary but, for each booking, all your trip details & important information is then available online via a web browser or our free travel app that you can use via any smartphone.

It makes it really easy for anyone travelling in the group to check their details, schedules, activities for the day and more. 

Everything is updated electronically if anything changes and it makes it really easy to keep track of your plans.

MICE Travel Agent in Sydney

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