LGBTIQ friendly boat cruises in Croatia

We make it easy for a group of LGBTIQ people to travel together on a boat cruise in Croatia. Travel by sea with land excursions mixed with time to eat, party or relax. Unique gay friendly boat cruises in Croatia.

A travel agent that specialises in LGBTIQ friendly boat cruises in Croatia

Forget about ocean liners with two thousand people on board you can travel on a LGBTIQ boat cruise to see Croatia. Go on holiday in Croatia with like minded individuals to enjoy food, wine, partying, relaxing or exploring. We are a travel agent that can organise for a group to travel together on a luxury small boat in Croatia. 

Your dreams of adventure, relaxation, and unforgettable celebrations come to life on the azure waters of the Adriatic. At Beyond Travel Groups we are group travel experts. Beneath the cobalt dome of the Croatian sky, where the sea stretches out like a vast, undulating tapestry threaded with hues of deep blue and emerald green, there sails a fleet that knows no judgment, only joy. 

Come sail with us and enjoy a week of sun, stunning views, enchanting towns, and new friendships. We are sailing onboard an exclusive luxury charter with first class service and amenities that will meet all of your expectations.

Groups By Beyond, seasoned navigators of communal voyages, now cast their sails to the welcoming winds of the Adriatic, curating bespoke nautical odysseys for the souls of every stripe and star under the rainbow. Here, aboard the stately vessels selected by Groups By Beyond, the LGBTIQ community finds more than safe harbor; they discover a floating festival of diversity and acceptance, where the only thing more abundant than the pristine waters are the open hearts of fellow voyagers.

Go on a gay friendly boat cruise in Croatia

Our gay friendly boat cruises in Croatia offer specially adjusted daily programs for achieving a perfect balance between eating, drinking, partying and relaxing. Plan your gay boat cruise in Croatia with us. We can offer fully crewed gay and gay friendly (clothing optional) all-inclusive charters for groups who want the boat to themselves.

Whether you prefer one of our standard itineraries or create a custom itinerary, we can build an amazing private cruise holiday for you and your friends no matter what sexual orientation they are.

Imagine the Adriatic Sea, crystal-clear waters whispering secrets of the deep, as the Croatian sun dances on every wave. Welcome to an exclusive sanctuary where luxury is redefined, aboard a vessel crafted for the discerning. 

For the gay man, the lesbian woman, the bisexual individual, the transgender person, the gender-diverse, the intersex, and the queer—here is a space where love is the current, and respect the prevailing wind. Our charters, each a symphony of inclusivity, offer a sanctuary where you can unfurl the sails of your true self amidst the company of kindred spirits.

With Groups By Beyond, your esteemed Sydney-based curator of unique escapes, witness the enchantment of Croatia from a lens unimagined. 

Indulge in gastronomical wonders, world-class wines – an odyssey where every detail is a brushstroke of perfection. Recline, embrace the horizon where the golden hues of the Croatian sunset promise not just a journey, but a revelation. 


How much is a LGBTIQ friendly cruise in Croatia?

The secret love affair between the sea and the wine has been going on since ancient times, and few are those who can resist it. By joining this very special cruise which includes the islands Korčula and Hvar, and the city of Dubrovnik, you will become a part of that unbreakable bond. 

Groups By Beyond specialises in the alchemy of large gatherings, transforming the collective into a community. With us, your journey will glide past the whispering pines of Dalmatian coasts, through the echoing grandeur of ancient ports, and into the secluded coves where the world seems to hold its breath in awe.

Welcome to a voyage without bounds, a journey stitched together by the threads of camaraderie and the unspoken understanding that here, on these decks, you are unfettered. We are the proud purveyors of Croatia’s premier LGBTIQ-friendly boat charters, where every traveler, be they gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, intersex, or queer, is not just welcomed, but celebrated.

Come, let us write our own epic on the Adriatic, a tale of unity, freedom, and the unbreakable bond of the sea. Join Groups By Beyond, where every voyage is a promise: here, you will travel not only across the waters but into the embrace of a world where togetherness is the greatest journey of all.

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$3,000 PP
Free time
up to 2 hrs
per day
Group size
Up to
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Single or
twin cabins
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Unique LGBTIQ boat cruise itineraries in Croatia

Beyond Groups Travel sample itinerary via smartphone app screenshot
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To make travelling with a large group even easier not only do we customise every itinerary but, for each booking, all your trip details & important information is then available online via a web browser or our free travel app that you can use via any smartphone.

It makes it really easy for anyone travelling in the group to check their details, schedules, activities for the day and more. Everything is updated electronically if anything changes and it makes it really easy to keep track of your plans.

Each vessel in our fleet is more than a mere means of travel; it is a floating tapestry of experiences, woven with the spirit of inclusivity. Your safety and comfort are the twin compasses by which we navigate, ensuring that each moment aboard is a testament to freedom and joy.

Beyond Groups Travel sample itinerary via smartphone app
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The best LGBTIQ boat cruise destinations in Croatia

Our travel agency has access to more than fifty different boat cruise itineraries that travel around Croatia. We can take you to the best LGBTIQ locations in Croatia between Dubrovnik and Split which includes the LGBTQ+ nightlife where we will take you & your fellow travellers to MILK, Dubrovnik’s first gay bar, in the evening to dance the night away.


The benefits travelling in a LGBTIQ boat cruise in Croatia?

In a world where the journey is often as significant as the destination, Groups By Beyond crafts a seafaring experience that transcends the ordinary, creating a milieu as open and boundless as the Adriatic itself. On a boat charter in Croatia, tailored for the LGBTIQ community, the benefits are as layered as the history-soaked strata of the Dalmatian coastline.

This isn’t just travel – it’s a sensory masterpiece. Gay friendly boat cruise holidays let you sail Croatia in a friendly, relaxed environment. You will enjoy your gay vacation around the beautiful Croatian coastline on an all gay boat with gay-friendly skipper. As you island hop around Croatia, you can sit back and enjoy the fabulous weather with a drink in your hand.

This will be an unforgettable island hopping experience that will take us to the most famous locations in Croatia; Split, Mljet, Korcula, Vis, Hvar, Dubrovnik, and more. Indulge in delicious meals prepared on board by our private chef and sip on drinks crafted by our very own bartender, while exploring Croatia’s national parks, wine and cuisine, castles, and more. 

"... We had the best boat cruise ever. Beyond Travel Groups is absolutely amazing at creating memories & a holiday for a large group of 30 people..."

We handpick the best gay-friendly locations in the area for you to explore, as well as nude beaches for an afternoon dip. You will arrive in port with enough time to explore the island, relax on your private charter boat or find a nice cocktail sunset bar. Over the course of 7 nights/8 days, we’ll work our way up the Dalmatian coast, exploring islands and towns that are not only ancient UNESCO sites, but also have charming villages, amazing beaches, vineyards, stunning national parks, and vibrant nightlife. 

As part any gay themed boat cruise in Croatia, you will have daily swim stops, a selection of gay/nude beaches, a handful of gay bars and the most mouthwatering restaurants to choose from. Grab your friends and book a private charter, or we can offer a cabin charter on selected dates throughout the season. 

Group travel agencies are your go-to experts for creating seamless group travel experiences. They handle the logistics, coordinate itineraries, and ensure every member of the group is well taken care of. When it comes to a yoga-themed cruise with a group of 10 people or more, their expertise can make the process hassle-free, from booking to disembarking.  

Traveling with a large group of ten or more people on a themed boat cruise can offer several advantages compared to other ways of traveling, making it a fantastic idea to create a unique way to have a holiday

1. Exclusive experiences:
When you travel as a group, you often have the choice to charter a private boat, ensuring that you have the entire vessel to yourselves. This exclusivity means you can customise the itinerary, activities, and atmosphere to suit your group’s preferences and interests. A group of 20 to 30 people can split the cost of the boat charter to make it affordable to travel in a large group with friends or family who all love doing yoga.

 2. Simplified planning:
Planning a group trip can be complex, but a boat cruise simplifies many aspects of the process. You have a single point of contact for booking, accommodations, dining, and activities, reducing the logistical challenges often associated with large group travel. This means you all have the same details, travel together & everything is coordinated by our travel agency.

3. Enhanced social interaction:
Traveling with a large group provides a unique opportunity for social interaction and bonding. You can strengthen existing relationships, make new friends, and share memorable experiences with a diverse and like-minded group of people.

 4. Entertainment:
Our luxury ships are equipped with a wide range of onboard entertainment options, including dining areas, sun decks and other outdoor areas suitable for recreational activities. This ensures that everyone in your group can find something they enjoy without needing to leave the vessel. Then when we do reach a port or a harbour, the boat is small enough to dock and let people off to explore at leisure.

 5. Safety and security:
Traveling in a large group can provide an added sense of safety and security. You can look out for each other, and the group size can be reassuring, especially when exploring unfamiliar destinations.

 6. Group discounts:
Many group travel agents offer discounts and incentives for large groups, making the trip more cost-effective for everyone. This can include complimentary amenities, or group-specific land based excursions or tours.

 7. Variety of destinations:
Cruise itineraries often include multiple destinations, allowing your group to explore a range of places in a single trip without the hassle of packing and unpacking at each stop.

 8. Customised activities:
You can work with the cruise operator to customise activities and excursions to cater to your group’s interests and preferences. Whether it’s cultural tours, adventure activities, or themed events, the cruise can be tailored to your desires.

 9. Diverse dining options:
Cruise ships offer a variety of dining options, from buffet-style meals to fine dining. This means that even if your group has varying dietary preferences or restrictions, there are plenty of choices to satisfy everyone.

10. Hassle-free travel:
Once on board, you can relax and enjoy the journey without worrying about transportation logistics, packing and unpacking, or finding restaurants and entertainment options. Everything you need is conveniently located on the ship.

What's Included in a LGBTIQ boat cruise visiting Croatia?
  • 7 night cruise in a deluxe superior cabin with en-suite bathroom
  • Professional Tour manager
  • Visitors’ taxes & port fees
  • Welcome reception & cocktail, we also curate a food and beverage package for our guests that will ensure everyone is happily fed and no one will go thirsty while onboard, while also allowing flexibility for everyone to explore and taste local cuisine while in port. Guests will enjoy daily buffet breakfast, 6 three-course lunches, a welcome drink, welcome dinner, and a hosted dinner outside in one of the ports.
  • Captain’s dinner with live entertainment
  • Coffee and tea after lunch
  • Abundant fresh fruit
  • Luggage handling
  • Daily cabin service and towel change
  • Midweek bed linen change
  • Complimentary WiFi onboard
  • Guided walking tours of Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korčula, Split in English
  • One way bus transfer from the Dubrovnik port to the Old Town for sightseeing
  • Dubrovnik cable car fee
  • A spectacular evening dinner cruise along the Old Town city walls of Dubrovnik
  • Croatian wine tasting
  • Authentic Croatian Village party with dinner on the Pelješac Peninsula
  • Mljet National Park entrance fee
Sample itinerary of a LGBTIQ boat cruise in Croatia
MV Nautilus LGBTIQ boat charter

Newly built in 2019 the MV Nautilus is ready for exploring the stunning Adriatic Coastline. With plush furnishings and stylish decor, the MV Nautilus is the perfect home-from-home for a small-ship cruise in Croatia. 19 cabins cater for up to 38 passengers on board. Each modern and bright cabin features twin or double bedding, individually controlled AC, private en-suite bathroom with hairdryer, reading lights, charging ports and ample storage space. Main deck cabins have picture windows with ocean views.

MS Nautilus is a modern vessel at almost 50 metres in length, there are a total of 18 guest cabins with a triple cabin available on the lower deck. The lower deck also features a unique split level deck plan with 3 of the 9 cabins located towards the bow of the ship. 

Each cabin on board comes equipped with a desk, hairdryer, safe, TV, private en suite and plenty of storage space. The vessel also  includes a salon on the upper deck,  a swimming platform at the stern, a jacuzzi to relax in and a spacious sun deck to admire views of the Croatian coastline from. Among many other highlights, this vessel will surely be one to impress!



Transfer from Split airport or hotel to the Split harbour where the vessel will be docked. Check-in from 14.00 h onwards. After settling in, enjoy the guided tour of the city starting at 17.00h. A dynamic port city with a medieval Old Town grown out of the 1,700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace, Split bustles with modern life amid its ancient Roman setting. Cafés, restaurants, and galleries cram the cobblestone alleyways, the waterfront and the Marjan peninsula, making Croatia’s second-largest city one of the Mediterranean’s most compelling. Return to the vessel for a welcome reception and a cocktail to enjoy the meet and greet party on board. Overnight in Split.



Morning departure towards the jet-set island Hvar. Lunch on the small Island of Šćedro followed by a swim stop at the Paklinski Islands. Arrival to Hvar in the afternoon. Hvar is the longest Island in the Adriatic and one of the sunniest; known for lavish lavender fields and breath-taking beauty. Upon arrival, join a walking tour of the town. There are many historical landmarks in Hvar, the Renaissance cathedral with its original tower and the oldest community theatre in Europe which was founded in 1612, to name a few. Hike up to the town fort overlooking the harbour to get some lovely scenic views of the Paklinski Islands. In the evening, Hvar offers an abundance of entertainment – many restaurants, bars and cafes are open long into the night. Overnight in Hvar.



Morning departure from this magnificent town to continue our cruise towards the Pelješac peninsula, well known for its excellent wine. Before lunch a short swim-stop and afternoon arrival to Pelješac peninsula. Today, we move away from the shore inland to explore the rural areas. Afternoon transfer followed by a visit to a local farm to indulge in a typical heritage dinner with Croatian delicacies and local dishes made from their own produce. Late transfer back to the vessel. Overnight on Pelješac peninsula.



The next morning, head further south to the Mljet Island. Join the cruise manager for a stroll to the famous salt lakes in the Mljet National Park and enjoy the boat ride to the St Mary Isle to visit an ancient Benedictine monastery, an old abbey and a church dating from the 12th Century. Return to the vessel for lunch, followed by departure towards Dubrovnik. Late afternoon arrival in Dubrovnik, but before we tie the ropes at Gruž harbour the captain will arrange an evening dinner cruise alongside the old city walls. Enjoy the spectacular views of the magnificent ancient town. Overnight in Dubrovnik.



After breakfast, transfer to the Old Town for the guided walking tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to take the best photos of Dubrovnik as taking a cable car ride from the Old Town to the Srđ mountain to enjoy scenic views of the Walls and the Elaphiti Islands. Afternoon at leisure to find idyllic spots for lunch and dinner. Meander through the narrow, car-free limestone streets – worn smooth under the soles of centuries of pedestrians, exploring the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Overnight in Dubrovnik.



Early morning departure towards the Korčula island, best known as the birthplace of Marco Polo. Stop for lunch in one of the secluded bays en route. Early afternoon arrival in Korčula, followed by a guided walking tour of this enchanting town, fortified by the walls. Korčula treasures many legends, tales and monuments, discover some while wandering along the herringbone pattern streets. There is an abundant choice of restaurants for gourmet experience and there are many bars and clubs for those looking for evening entertainment. Overnight in Korčula.



Today’s destination is the Island of Brač and the picturesque town of Bol. Walk along the promenade or swim at one of the most famous beaches in Dalmatia – Zlatni Rat (the Golden cape – known for its gravel promontory shifts from side to side as the wind and waves constantly change its shape). Bol is a typical fishermen’s town turned into a popular tourist destination. Lunch on board and time at leisure until afternoon wine tasting in the facilities of the oldest Dalmatia wine cooperative (dating 1903), followed by the Captain’s farewell dinner with entertainment on board. Overnight in Bol or nearby Milna or Pučišća.



Early morning departure towards Split and upon arrival, time to say goodbye to the crew and new friends! Check-out by 9.00 am, followed by a private transfer to the Split airport.

*The last overnight is not in Split port as the vessel arrives in Split on Saturday morning at 09:00 AM.

Amazing reviews of our boat cruises in Croatia

“I am aware that hosting a group of gay men could cause some challenges for some crew but your crew treated us with the greatest level of respect and were genuinely concerned that we have a good time. I've travelled in situations before where I was made to feel unsafe and at times during this voyage I was made to feel anything but valued and very important. A great vacation.

“We sailed from Split to Dubrovnik with 8 families with kids ranging from 15 – 26. Everyone had a ball!!

I am beyond satisfied with the Groups by Beyond travel agency, especially, Tony Gattari. Working with this company to organise my group was a fantastic process from beginning to end where I felt not only welcomed as a client, but truly respected as a business owner. Beyond Travel provided an unparalleled level of expertise…

Travel on a themed boat cruise in Croatia

Beyond Travel Groups, your premier destination for unforgettable group travel experiences in the stunning Adriatic paradise of Croatia. 

At Beyond Travel Groups, we specialise in curating exceptional journeys for large groups of 10 or more, offering you the opportunity to charter a boat and transform a holiday idea into a reality amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Croatia’s azure waters and picturesque landscapes.

To embark upon these waters with Groups By Beyond is to enter a narrative where every chapter unfolds with the promise of acceptance. Here, in the cradle of old-world charm and new-world freedoms, the LGBTIQ traveler finds not only refuge but reverence. The very air seems charged with the electric buzz of connection, of shared stories and silent understandings, as the Croatian sun casts its golden glow on all alike.

Our team of dedicated travel experts is here to ensure every detail of your group’s journey is flawlessly executed. We understand that planning a wedding for a sizable group can be a daunting task, which is why we take care of the logistics, leaving you free to savor every moment of your celebration.

Boat charters in Croatia for gay & lesbian groups

Groups by Beyond has been a trusted partner for thousands of people around the world in curating extraordinary group travel experiences. As a leading travel agency in Sydney specialising in group travel for gay & lesbian holiday travellers, we take pride in creating memorable journeys that bring people together, foster connections, and create lifelong memories. 

With our extensive expertise and a deep passion for travel, we understand the unique dynamics and requirements of group travel. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a corporate retreat, a school trip, or simply an adventure with your closest friends, we are here to transform your group’s travel dreams into a reality.

Safety, the first and foremost of benefits, is the bedrock upon which Groups By Beyond builds its voyages. Here, within the camaraderie of like-minded explorers, the specter of judgment is banished, allowing one to lounge upon the deck, partake in the revelry, or slip into the sapphire depths, free from the constraints of a less understanding world.

Inclusivity is not merely a buzzword but the very compass by which these journeys are steered. The LGBTIQ friendly charters are symphonies of inclusiveness, where every identity and orientation is the note that contributes to the harmonious melody of the trip. To travel among those who understand, who empathise, who celebrate with you, is to experience the world as it should be: unbridled and unbroken.


Charter a luxury yacht exclusively for a group in Croatia

Companionship, often the unsung treasure of travel, blossoms aboard these Croatian charters. Bonds are forged in the crucible of shared experience—over a glass of local wine under the canvas of stars, or amidst laughter and splashes as the coastline unfolds in a panorama of enduring beauty. These are the ties that, often, outlast the tan lines and the holiday snaps.

Cultural immersion with Groups By Beyond is an affair designed to touch the soul. The LGBTIQ friendly charters navigate not just the waters but the rich tapestry of Croatian culture. From the labyrinthine streets of Dubrovnik to the melodic call of Split’s markets, the journey embraces the authenticity of local life, unfiltered and radiant.

And then there is freedom—the elemental, exhilarating freedom of the sea. To cast off the moorings and glide across the waters is to shed the weight of the mundane. It is here, with the horizon stretched out before you, that you can inhale the briny air and know the liberty that comes when the world is left behind, even if just for a time.

Travelling with Groups By Beyond on an LGBTIQ friendly boat charter in Croatia is, thus, more than a holiday. It is a sojourn of the spirit, a gathering of hearts and minds, a collective affirmation of life’s grandest voyage—the pursuit of happiness.

Is Croatia gay friendly?

Homosexuality is legal in Croatia. The gay scene is more developed in the larger cities such as Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Croatia passed the Life Partnership Act in 2014. The Life Partnership Act allows gay couples to receive the same legal benefits as heterosexual couples for just about everything except adoption right. All of the tourist destinations in Croatia are gay-friendly, although discretion is advised in the more rural villages.

The Globe Trotter Guys described Croatia‘s level of gay friendly acceptance as … Croatia on the whole is not particularly progressive or gay friendly, however when visiting the tourist hot spots, like the case in many countries, we felt very safe and had no trouble at all with a local mentioning ‘during summer in Dubrovnik you are fine, maybe in winter when there are no tourists you might get a look or two but nothing more’.

Zagreb has the strongest level of queer culture with this vibrant city  leading the way for gay friendly venues to visit. These include a range of bars, clubs, gatherings, and events with popular hang out spots being Funk Club, Kolaž, and Caffe Bar Kic Klub. Luckily for LGBTQIA+ travellers, more and more cities are getting on the gay-friendly bandwagon with bars and clubs catering for the community opening in Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Hvar, Rab, Rovinj, and Dubrovnik in recent times. 

In Zagreb and Split there are pride parades every year in June to coincide with pride month. These celebrations have been getting stronger and stronger each year with increased participation and sponsorship showing how far the country has progressed when it comes to embracing and accepting members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Are there gay clubs & beaches in Croatia?

There are quite a few gay bars & clubs in Croatia such as MILK in Dubrovnik, Kocka in Split or Monokini in Opatija. MILK is in Dubrovniks old town and like many bars its a relatively small space with a lot of character. 

There are also some gay friendly beaches like;

  • Kasjun Beach which is a very cruisy hot spot, and one of the top gay beaches in Croatia.
  • Jarun Lake is a gay nude beach. 
  • Jerolim Island is a five minute boat ride from Hvar Town, Jerolim is the most popular gay hot spot, with a very popular rocky gay nude beach.
  • Lokrum Island close to Dubrovnik is ten minutes by boat, this is a hot spot and busy gay nude beach.

Frequently asked questions about LGBTIQ boat charters in Croatia

Yes you can charter a boat for just gay people to sail in Croatia together.

This beautiful country, known for its stunning coastline and picturesque islands, is a popular destination for all kinds of travelers, including the LGBTQ+ community. When it comes to organising a tailored experience that caters exclusively to gay travellers, there are specialised travel agencies that can help facilitate this.

One such agency is us, Groups By Beyond. We specialise in organising boat charters in Croatia and are well-versed in creating customised experiences that meet the unique needs and preferences of the LGBTQ+ community. We will even make sure the crew is gay-friendly. 

When you opt for a charter through Groups By Beyond, you can expect a journey that’s not only tailored to your preferences in terms of destinations and activities but also one that’s mindful of creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

With our expertise, Groups By Beyond can arrange for a variety of boats, from luxury yachts to more intimate sailing vessels, ensuring that your experience is both exclusive and comfortable. We can also assist with planning your itinerary, which can include visits to popular spots like Dubrovnik, Split, and the beautiful islands of Hvar and Korčula, as well as more secluded areas known for their natural beauty and tranquility.

Groups By Beyond understands the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, especially in a diverse and historically rich country like Croatia. We can provide guidance on local customs, cultural norms, and how to fully enjoy the Croatian experience while respecting the local community.

Chartering a boat exclusively for gay travellers in Croatia is not only possible but can be a wonderfully bespoke experience with the right planning and support. Agencies like Groups By Beyond play a pivotal role in ensuring that your trip is not just a vacation but a memorable journey that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

Croatia, with its mélange of history, beauty, and the slowly turning tides of social change, offers the LGBTIQ traveler an experience that is at once reflective and invigorating. It is a destination to travel not just in space, but in spirit—a voyage that Groups By Beyond understands and respects, crafting journeys that honor the traveler, the culture, and the collective leap towards a world where every individual can find their place under the sun.

Croatia, with its tapestry of turquoise waters and medieval towns, often feels like a land suspended between times. It is a place where the ancient and the modern weave together, creating a destination rich with complexity and contrast. For the LGBTIQ traveler, this duality is particularly poignant, for while Croatia’s landscapes offer an open embrace, its cultural acceptance continues to evolve, reflecting both progressive strides and traditional sensibilities.

To wander the marbled streets of Split or Dubrovnik is to step into a living fresco where the stones whisper of empires and artists, of battles fought and beauty revered. In these cultural bastions, where tourism is a lifeblood, the cosmopolitan air lends itself to a more open-minded attitude. Here, one can sense the burgeoning embrace of diversity, as rainbow flags occasionally flutter beside the stoic walls that have stood sentinel over the shifting tides of humanity.

Yet, the journey of understanding and acceptance is not one that ends swiftly. In the smaller villages and the less-trodden paths that coil around the limestone-scented hills and olive groves, traditional views often prevail. The warmth of the Croatian people does not wane, but their familiarity with LGBTIQ issues might not be as profound as in the metropolitan hearts of the nation.

Despite this, Croatia beckons the traveler with a spirit of hospitality. The country has made significant legal strides, with anti-discrimination laws and recognition of same-sex unions painting a promising horizon. This is a nation that is learning, growing, where the conversation is unfolding with the passage of each sun-drenched day and starlit night.

Adventuring through Croatia, LGBTIQ travelers will find solace in the country’s raw beauty, from the cascading waterfalls of Plitvice to the serene beaches of the Adriatic coast. In the cities, pride events and festivals are blooming like lavender in the coastal breeze, signaling a burgeoning recognition of rights and representation.

In the embrace of Groups By Beyond, the LGBTIQ wanderer will discover the dual soul of Croatia. It is a place where the journey is both external and internal, a navigation through landscapes as much as mindsets. To travel here is to partake in the dance of progress, to explore with open eyes and an open heart, and to be part of a dialogue that whispers, like the sea, of change and hope.

Understanding Croatia’s LGBTIQ-Friendly Atmosphere

Croatia has made significant progress in embracing diversity and inclusivity over the years. The legal framework protects the rights of LGBTIQ individuals, and the country hosts a variety of events and festivals that celebrate the community.

Respecting Local Culture and Etiquette

As we explore the cultural sensitivities of Croatia, it’s crucial to be mindful of local customs. Croatians are known for their warmth and hospitality, but like any culture, there are nuances to be aware of.

When greeting locals, a warm “Bok!” (hello) or “Dobar dan!” (good day) goes a long way. Croatians value politeness, so saying “Hvala” (thank you) and “Molim” (please) can help build positive interactions.

Dress Code and Public Displays of Affection

Croatia generally has a relaxed dress code, but it’s respectful to dress modestly when visiting religious sites or rural areas. In cities like Zagreb and Split, you’ll find a more liberal dress code, and beachwear is acceptable on the coast.

Public displays of affection are generally tolerated, especially in larger cities and tourist destinations. While attitudes are evolving, it’s a good idea to gauge the atmosphere and be mindful of your surroundings.

LGBTIQ-Friendly Spaces in Croatia

Croatia’s LGBTIQ community is vibrant and thriving, and there are several welcoming spaces where you can relax and connect with like-minded individuals.

Zagreb, the capital, boasts a thriving LGBTIQ scene with numerous bars and clubs. Places like Rush Bar, located in the heart of the city, provide a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Themed Boat Cruises: An LGBTIQ Adventure on the Adriatic

One of the most captivating ways to explore Croatia’s coastline is by embarking on a themed boat cruise. These unique experiences offer the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and camaraderie.

Gay and Lesbian Themed Cruises

For members of the LGBTIQ community, gay and lesbian themed cruises provide an opportunity to connect with fellow travelers in a safe and affirming environment. These cruises often feature entertainment, parties, and activities tailored to the community’s interests.

Luxury Charters for an Exclusive Experience

If you prefer a more intimate and private experience, consider chartering a luxury boat for you and your friends. Croatia offers a range of options for chartering boats, from sleek yachts to traditional gulets. Imagine cruising along the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, stopping at secluded coves, and savoring the beauty of Croatia with your chosen family.

Exploring Beyond the Coast

While Croatia’s coastline is undeniably stunning, the country has much more to offer beyond the azure waters of the Adriatic.

Cultural Heritage and UNESCO Sites

Croatia is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the historic city of Dubrovnik, the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, and the Palace of Diocletian in Split. Exploring these sites offers a chance to immerse yourself in the rich history of the country.

Culinary Adventures

Croatian cuisine is a delightful journey in itself. From fresh seafood along the coast to hearty inland dishes like “ćevapi” (grilled minced meat), exploring the local food scene is a must. Pair your meals with Croatian wines, and you’re in for a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget.

Staying Safe and Informed

Ensuring your safety and well-being during your journey is paramount. Croatia offers a high standard of healthcare services, and you can find LGBTIQ-friendly clinics in major cities.

When exploring public spaces, stay aware of your surroundings, and take precautions as you would in any other destination. Keep your travel documentation in order and know your rights as a visitor in Croatia.

As you navigate the cultural sensitivities of Croatia, remember that your presence enriches the country’s diverse tapestry. Croatia welcomes travelers from all walks of life, and by being your authentic self, you contribute to the ongoing progress of inclusivity and acceptance.

Your journey through Croatia is not just about exploring its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities; it’s about celebrating your identity, forming connections, and creating cherished memories. Whether you choose a themed boat cruise, explore historic sites, or savor local cuisine, Croatia offers a world of possibilities for the LGBTIQ community.

Embrace your adventure, celebrate your love, and let Croatia’s beauty and warmth fill your heart with joy. Safe travels, fellow explorers, and may Croatia’s embrace be as warm as the Adriatic sun.

Absolutely, Croatia is a fantastic destination for food and wine lovers. The country offers a diverse culinary scene influenced by its varied geography, history, and climate. Here are some reasons why Croatia is a great place for food and wine enthusiasts:

Culinary Diversity:

  1. Coastal Cuisine: The Dalmatian and Istrian regions are known for their Mediterranean-style cuisine, featuring fresh seafood, olive oil, and locally grown herbs and vegetables.

  2. Inland Cuisine: In contrast, the inland areas like Zagreb and Slavonia offer hearty, meat-based dishes influenced by Central European cuisine.

Wine Culture:

  1. Wine Regions: Croatia has numerous wine regions, each producing distinct wine varieties. Istria and Dalmatia are particularly renowned.

  2. Indigenous Grapes: Croatia is home to many indigenous grape varieties, such as Plavac Mali and Pošip, offering unique wine-tasting experiences.

Gastronomical Events:

  1. Wine Festivals: Numerous wine festivals, like Vinistra in Istria and Dalmacija Wine Expo, provide opportunities to sample a wide range of wines.

  2. Food Festivals: There are also many food festivals celebrating truffles, oysters, and other local delicacies.

Scenic Beauty:

  1. Vineyards: The country’s beautiful landscapes, including coastal vineyards and rolling hills, add to the wine and dining experience.

  2. Outdoor Dining: Many restaurants offer outdoor seating to enjoy the scenic beauty while dining.


  1. Value for Money: Compared to many Western European countries, Croatia offers excellent food and wine at relatively affordable prices.


  1. Warmth and Hospitality: Croatian people are known for their hospitality, and visitors often feel warmly welcomed.

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage:

  1. Mediterranean Diet: The Mediterranean diet, common in the coastal regions of Croatia, is recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, emphasizing its cultural and historical significance.

For anyone interested in culinary travel, Croatia offers a mix of flavors, aromas, and tastes to explore, making it a delightful destination for foodies and wine enthusiasts alike.

A themed boat cruise is a specialized type of cruise experience that offers passengers a unique and focused theme or concept throughout their journey. Unlike traditional cruises, where the emphasis might be on general relaxation and exploration, themed boat cruises are designed to cater to specific interests, passions, or preferences. These cruises are curated to provide a more immersive and tailored experience for participants. Here’s how themed boat cruises differ from other cruise options:

1. Themed Experience: Themed boat cruises revolve around a particular theme, such as culinary, cultural, adventure, romance, or any other concept. The cruise itinerary, onboard activities, entertainment, and excursions are all centered around this theme, creating a cohesive and specialized experience.


2. Focused Activities: On a themed cruise, passengers can expect a wide range of activities and events related to the chosen theme. For example, on a culinary-themed cruise, there may be cooking classes, wine tastings, and visits to local markets. These activities are designed to cater to enthusiasts of the theme.


3. Targeted Audience: Themed cruises are often marketed to specific groups of people who share a common interest or passion. This can include foodies, art lovers, history buffs, adventure seekers, or even those celebrating a milestone like a birthday or anniversary. The cruise is tailored to appeal to this particular audience.


4. Immersive Learning: Themed cruises frequently include opportunities for passengers to learn and engage with experts or local guides who are knowledgeable about the theme. This might involve lectures, workshops, or interactive experiences that provide a deeper understanding of the topic.


5. Unique Destinations: While themed cruises often visit popular cruise destinations, they may also include stops or excursions that are particularly relevant to the theme. For example, a cultural-themed cruise in Europe might focus on visiting historic cities and museums.


6. Specialty Entertainment: Onboard entertainment and performances are often aligned with the theme. For instance, a music-themed cruise might feature live performances by renowned musicians or tribute bands, enhancing the overall experience for passengers.


7. Customisation: Themed cruises offer a level of customisation not typically found on regular cruises. Passengers can choose a theme that resonates with their interests, allowing them to have a more enjoyable and personally fulfilling experience.


8. Social Opportunities: These cruises are an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals who share your passion or interest. It provides a sense of community and camaraderie, making it easier to connect with fellow passengers.


9. Celebration of Special Occasions: Themed cruises are also popular for celebrating special occasions such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or family reunions. The themed experience adds an extra layer of enjoyment to these celebrations.


In contrast, traditional cruises offer a more general experience that caters to a broad audience and typically includes a mix of entertainment, dining, and excursions. While traditional cruises are versatile and enjoyable for many travelers, themed boat cruises offer a specialized and immersive way to explore one’s interests or celebrate special occasions while cruising the seas.

You can create your own itinerary, plan activities and organise everything based on what you would like to do.

Gay and lesbian themed cruises are a unique and specialised type of cruise that caters to a specific group of people. Just like other special interest groups we will reserve a whole boat just for your group so you travel with like minded individuals. This works by offering passengers a cohesive and immersive journey centered on a chosen theme or type of group. Here’s how themed cruises typically work:

  1. Theme Selection: The cruise line selects a particular theme for a specific cruise departure. Themes can range from culinary and wine-focused cruises to cultural, music, wellness, adventure, and more. Some themes cater to specific demographics, such as family reunions, milestone birthdays, or LGBT pride cruises.

  2. Itinerary Planning: The cruise itinerary is carefully crafted to incorporate destinations and activities that align with the chosen theme. For example, a cultural-themed cruise might visit historical cities and landmarks, while a culinary-themed cruise could include stops at renowned food markets and restaurants in various ports of call.

  3. Onboard Activities: Themed cruises feature a wide array of onboard activities and events related to the theme. These can include workshops, lectures, cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, dance classes, art exhibitions, and interactive experiences. These activities are typically led by experts, guest speakers, or professionals in the field relevant to the theme.

  4. Specialised Entertainment: Entertainment on themed cruises is often tailored to match the theme. For instance, a music-themed cruise might feature live performances by renowned artists or tribute bands, while a wellness-themed cruise could offer daily yoga and meditation sessions.

  5. Dining Experiences: Culinary-themed cruises, in particular, place a strong emphasis on dining experiences. Passengers can expect special menus, cooking classes with onboard chefs, wine pairings, and visits to local markets at the cruise destinations.

  6. Themed Decor and Ambiance: The cruise ship’s decor, ambiance, and sometimes even the dress code may align with the chosen theme. This adds to the overall immersive experience, creating a cohesive atmosphere that resonates with passengers.

  7. Learning Opportunities: Themed cruises often provide opportunities for passengers to learn and gain insights related to the theme. This can include talks by experts, guided tours, and Q&A sessions with professionals in the field. Passengers have the chance to expand their knowledge and passion for the theme during the cruise.

  8. Community and Social Interaction: Themed cruises attract like-minded individuals who share an interest in the theme. This creates a sense of community and offers opportunities for social interaction and making new friends who have similar passions.

  9. Customisation: Passengers can choose a themed cruise that aligns with their interests or passions, allowing for a more personalised and enjoyable experience. Some cruise lines even offer different themed cruises on the same ship, giving passengers a variety of options.

  10. Celebrations: Themed cruises are also popular for celebrating special occasions, such as milestone birthdays or anniversaries. The theme adds an extra layer of excitement and enjoyment to these celebrations.

Themed cruises provide a unique and memorable way to explore one’s interests, passions, or hobbies while enjoying the comforts and amenities of a cruise vacation. They offer a deeper level of immersion and engagement compared to traditional cruises, making them a popular choice for travellers seeking a more specialised and enriching experience at sea.

Picture this: You’re gliding along the azure waters of the Mediterranean, indulging in a culinary masterpiece prepared by a renowned chef, and sipping exquisite wines as the sun sets on a charming coastal village. Or perhaps you’re on a river cruise, exploring historic cities, attending classical concerts, and immersing yourself in the rich culture of Europe. These are the moments that themed boat cruises are known for, offering a unique and immersive way to experience the world. 

But are they worth it? Absolutely they are worth it – they give you the chance to travel with a specific intent with like minded individuals who share a common interest.

The Allure of Themed Cruises:

1. Immersive Experiences: Themed boat cruises offer a level of immersion that’s hard to match on a traditional cruise. Whether it’s a culinary, cultural, music, adventure, or wellness theme, you’re fully immersed in the chosen theme from the moment you step on board.

2. Personalisation: Themed cruises cater to specific interests and passions. You get to choose a cruise that aligns with your hobbies, whether it’s wine tasting, history, art, or a milestone celebration like a birthday or anniversary. This personalisation enhances your overall enjoyment.

3. Learning Opportunities: Themed cruises often feature experts and professionals who provide insights and knowledge related to the theme. You’ll have the chance to expand your horizons and gain new skills or understanding during the cruise.

4. Unique Destinations: While themed cruises include popular cruise destinations, they may also incorporate unique ports of call or excursions that are particularly relevant to the theme. This can lead to off-the-beaten-path discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

5. Community and Social Interaction: Themed cruises attract like-minded individuals who share your passion for the theme. This creates a sense of community and opportunities for social interaction and new friendships.

6. Special Occasions: Themed cruises are ideal for celebrating special occasions. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or a family reunion, the theme adds an extra layer of excitement and meaning to the celebration.

7. Themed boat charters: If you have a group of 10 or more people you can charter a boat and have it for your exclusive use. You can pick any theme you like for the duration of the cruise and enjoy it with friends, family and loved ones.


The Value of Themed Cruises:

1. Enhanced Experience: Themed cruises offer a more enriching and specialised experience compared to traditional cruises. If you have a strong interest in the theme, you’ll likely find the cruise to be incredibly rewarding.

2. Convenience: Themed cruises often bundle various experiences and activities related to the theme into one package. This can be convenient for travellers who prefer pre-organised and hassle-free vacations.

3. Personal Fulfillment: Themed cruises provide an opportunity to indulge in your passions and interests, leading to personal fulfillment and a deeper connection to the theme.

4. Memorable Moments: The unique experiences and memories created on a themed cruise can be priceless. The interactions, knowledge gained, and adventures had can leave a lasting impact.


When It May Not Be Worth It:

  1. Themed cruises may not be the best fit for everyone. If you have no particular interest in the theme or prefer a more generalised cruise experience, you may not fully appreciate the added cost and focus of a themed cruise.

Whether a themed boat cruise is worth it depends on your interests, priorities, and the value you place on specialised experiences. If you’re passionate about the theme and seek a deeper, more immersive journey, a themed cruise can be a fantastic investment in unforgettable memories and personal enrichment. It’s a voyage where you not only explore the world but also explore your own passions and interests in a way that’s uniquely tailored to you.

Croatia has become an increasingly popular destination for boat cruises, and there are several compelling reasons why so many people choose to embark on this maritime adventure in the stunning Adriatic Sea:

  1. Breathtaking Scenery: Croatia’s coastline is renowned for its striking beauty. The crystal-clear waters, picturesque islands, rugged cliffs, and historic coastal towns create a visually captivating setting for a cruise.

  2. Island-Hopping Paradise: Croatia boasts over a thousand islands, each with its own unique charm. A boat cruise allows travelers to explore these islands, discovering hidden coves, pristine beaches, and quaint fishing villages.

  3. Rich Cultural Heritage: Croatia is steeped in history and culture, with ancient cities like Dubrovnik and Split showcasing well-preserved architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A cruise offers the opportunity to explore these cultural gems.

  4. Diverse Activities: Whether you’re interested in relaxing on the deck, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, hiking in national parks, or indulging in local cuisine, Croatia offers a wide range of activities to suit various interests.

  5. Culinary Delights: Croatian cuisine is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Eastern European flavors. A cruise allows passengers to savor fresh seafood, local wines, olive oils, and traditional dishes at charming coastal restaurants.

  6. Warm Mediterranean Climate: Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long, sunny summers and mild winters. This favorable weather makes it an ideal destination for cruising, swimming, and outdoor activities.

  7. Yacht-Friendly Ports: Croatia has a well-developed infrastructure for yachts and cruise ships, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for passengers. There are numerous marinas and ports along the coast.

  8. Diverse Cruise Options: Croatia offers a variety of cruise options, from luxury yacht charters to small ship cruises and even themed cruises. Travelers can find a cruise that suits their preferences and budget.

  9. Friendly Locals: Croatians are known for their warmth and hospitality. Visitors often feel welcome and appreciated as they interact with locals in coastal towns and on the islands.

  10. Safe and Clean Environment: Croatia is considered a safe destination for travelers, and its pristine natural environment is well-preserved, making it an attractive choice for eco-conscious tourists.

  11. Gateway to Europe: Croatia’s location on the Adriatic Sea makes it a convenient entry point for exploring other European countries, such as Italy, Slovenia, and Montenegro, making it an attractive destination for travellers looking to explore multiple destinations in one trip.

  12. Adventure Opportunities: Croatia offers various adventure activities, including kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, and sailing. Adventurous souls can find plenty to do both on and off the cruise ship.

Croatia’s combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, diverse activities, and favorable climate makes it an alluring destination for boat cruises. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, culture, or a mix of all three, Croatia’s Adriatic coast has something to offer every type of traveler, which is why it has become a top choice for cruise enthusiasts worldwide.

Yes, it is possible to charter a luxury boat for a group of 20 people to cruise in Croatia, and this option provides a stark contrast to the experience of going on a big ocean liner with thousands of people. Chartering a luxury boat in Croatia offers several advantages over a large cruise ship:

  1. Privacy and Exclusivity: When you charter a luxury boat, you have the entire vessel exclusively for your group. This means privacy, comfort, and the ability to tailor the experience to your group’s preferences.

  2. Personalised Itinerary: You can work with the boat charter company to create a customised itinerary that includes your chosen destinations, activities, and excursions. This level of personalisation is not typically possible on large cruise ships.

  3. Intimate Atmosphere: A small group on a luxury boat fosters a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy the company of your fellow travelers without the crowds often found on large cruise ships.

  4. Flexibility: With a private charter, you have the flexibility to adjust your schedule, stop at secluded coves or hidden gems, and explore off-the-beaten-path locations that large cruise ships may not reach.

  5. Tailored Services: Luxury boat charters often come with a dedicated crew, including a captain, chef, and other staff members who provide attentive and personalised service. Your culinary preferences, dietary restrictions, and any specific requests can be accommodated.

  6. Water Sports and Activities: Many luxury boats are equipped with water sports equipment like jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. You can enjoy these activities in the clear Adriatic waters at your leisure.

  7. Culinary Delights: Gourmet meals prepared by onboard chefs are a highlight of luxury boat charters. You can indulge in fresh seafood, local cuisine, and fine dining experiences tailored to your tastes.

  8. Serenity and Seclusion: Chartering a luxury boat allows you to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Croatia’s coastline. You can find secluded anchorages and enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

  9. Close-to-Shore Exploration: Smaller vessels can navigate closer to the shore and access smaller ports and islands that large cruise ships cannot reach. This provides opportunities for more authentic and immersive experiences.

  10. Safety and Well-Being: In the current travel landscape, some travellers prefer the added safety and control that comes with a private charter, allowing for social distancing and adherence to health protocols.

While large ocean liners offer their own unique appeal with a wide array of amenities, entertainment, and activities, chartering a luxury boat for a smaller group in Croatia provides an entirely different and more intimate cruising experience. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking exclusivity, personalised service, and the freedom to explore the stunning Adriatic coast at their own pace.

Whether a gay-friendly cruise in Croatia trumps other modes of travel like bus, car, or a large ocean liner depends greatly on the expectations and preferences of the traveler. Each mode of transport comes with its own set of experiences and nuances.

Gay-Friendly Cruise:

  • Intimacy and Community: A smaller, specialized cruise offers a sense of community and intimacy that is difficult to replicate in larger, less personal settings. Passengers are likely to meet like-minded individuals with whom they can share experiences and form lasting connections.
  • Tailored Experience: Such cruises often provide experiences tailored to LGBTIQ preferences, with inclusive activities and events that foster a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Stress-Free: Cruising can be less stressful as it negates the need for constant packing and unpacking, navigation, and driving. The journey itself is as relaxing as the destination, with everything taken care of.

Travel by Bus or Car:

  • Flexibility: Traveling by bus or car provides more control over the itinerary, allowing for spontaneous detours and exploration of off-the-beaten-path destinations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: It can often be more cost-effective, especially if budget is a concern.
  • Cultural Immersion: Land travel can sometimes offer deeper cultural immersion, with more opportunities to interact with locals and experience the everyday life of a destination.

Large Ocean Liner:

  • Variety of Amenities: A large cruise ship offers a plethora of amenities – from Broadway-style shows to various dining options and recreational activities.
  • Diverse Crowd: These ships offer the chance to meet a wider variety of people, which can be enriching for some travelers.
  • Stability and Comfort: Larger vessels are often more stable in rough waters and offer more in terms of comfort and luxury.

Considerations for LGBTIQ Travellers:

  • Safety and Acceptance: For LGBTIQ travelers, safety and acceptance are critical. A specialized gay-friendly cruise ensures that guests can feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of discrimination.
  • Networking and Socializing: Such cruises can provide a platform for networking and socializing with the LGBTIQ community, which can be a powerful experience, especially in a setting as beautiful as the Croatian coast.

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