Can you charter a boat in Croatia for 40 people?

Did you know you can charter a boat for 40 people for a cruise in Croatia? We explain how easy it is, see how our group travel agency does it
Charter a boat in Croatia for 40 people

Chartering a boat in Croatia for 40 people or more


Not a lot of people realise you can charter a boat in Croatia to use exclusively for a large group of thirty people or more. If you have a large group of people that you are thinking of travelling with then chartering a boat is the best way to consider going together for a holiday (especially in Croatia) as it can be done for around $2,200 per person depending on the timing & vessel chosen.

You can have a group of 10, 15, 20, or even 40 people as friends or family groups who travel together on your own boat or yacht that is charted for your exclusive use.

Chartering a boat in Croatia can be done by a group travel specialist in Sydney like Groups By Beyond where we can coordinate & manage a big group of people travelling together to destinations around the world like Croatia. 

Chartering a boat is very easy to do, is cost effective and creates a unique way to travel through Europe that not too many people consider. There are so many amazing advantages of group travel and that’s why it makes sense to use a group travel agent that is experienced handling large numbers of people, but also experienced at managing charter boat bookings in Croatia.

” Best week ever!!! 

Finally securing MS Desire for a boat charter, travelling from Split to Dubrovnik on 1st July 2023 with 8 families (41 people travelling in a group onboard). 

Tony spent time with us tweaking our itinerary so we saw the very best of what Croatia had to offer. 

Everything about this boat was exceptional, the spaces, the food, the service and the fabulous crew. 

Our amazing cruise manager Bernarda was very accommodating in making sure everyone onboard had a fun and memorable week.”

What does it mean to charter a boat in Croatia?

We sailed from Split to Dubrovnik with 8 families with kids ranging from 15 – 26. Everyone had a ball!!”

Play Video about Charter a boat in Croatia for 40 people to visit towns

Well if the video above doesn’t get you excited about chartering a luxury boat then maybe nothing will right?

Chartering a boat normally means you are booking an entire vessel for your exclusive use. Depending on the conditions of the charter you will have a full crew, meals, cabins and use of all the facilities on the boat for the entire duration of the journey. 

The charter will go to pre-determined locations based on an itinerary you create or by using some of the popular charter boat routes that are used regularly. You are in complete control because you are chartering the boat, or hiring the boat with the crew, to take you where you & your group would like to go.

The quote you read a little earlier was from one of our clients who booked a charter boat for a cruise that went from Split to Dubrovnik in Croatia with eight different families with a mix of adults and children. They used one of our most popular itineraries to then customise their holiday and make a number of visits to ports, cities and islands along the way.

So in summary, chartering a boat means renting a private boat, typically with a crew, for a specified period of time. This allows you and your group to have exclusive use of the boat and its facilities, giving you the freedom to customise your itinerary, activities, and destinations according to your preferences. Chartering a boat can be a luxurious and personalised way to explore coastal regions, islands, and other destinations in Europe, like Croatia.

What locations can a charter boat visit in Croatia?

Split to Dubrovnik boat charter destination map

One of the most popular ways to visit Croatia is by chartering a boat. It is considered one of the best ways to visit this part of Europe. So you would essentially be renting the entire vessel for a specific duration for your whole group. So the costs are split up which makes if very affordable and the duration can be a few days to a couple of weeks, you can customise the itinerary with our group travel agency in Sydney.

Croatia is known for its stunning Adriatic coastline, crystal-clear waters, picturesque islands, and historical towns, making it a sought-after location for boat charters. It is an intoxicating mix of adventure, exploration and a great mix of water and land based holiday activities.

Some of the most popular destinations for chartering a boat in Croatia include:

  1. Dubrovnik: Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” this historic city offers a mix of culture, architecture, and beautiful beaches.

  2. Split: A vibrant city with a mix of ancient Roman architecture and modern amenities, serving as a gateway to the nearby islands.

  3. Hvar: A trendy island known for its lively nightlife, lavender fields, and historic sites.

  4. Korčula: Often called “Little Dubrovnik,” this island boasts charming medieval streets and beautiful vineyards.

  5. Vis: A more remote and less touristy island, perfect for a tranquil escape with pristine beaches and clear waters.

  6. Šibenik: A historic town with a stunning cathedral and access to the breathtaking Krka National Park.

A sample of locations for a boat charter in Croatia could look like this;

A boat charter commences with a shared arrival transfer to your vessel with embarkation in the afternoon. You are free to explore Split before meeting your fellow passengers at a welcome reception followed by dinner on board the boat.



Morning sail towards Bol on Brac Island, where you will discover one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Mediterranean – “Zlatni Rat” (the Golden Horn), which is constantly changing direction due to the ocean currents.

Return to the ship for lunch and set sail for Jelsa on the island of Hvar. One of the most picturesque towns on the island of Hvar; Jelsa is nestled in amongst hills dense with pine woods and the town quay extends all the way around the harbour. 

Walk around the town to see old stone streets, squares, churches, and parks. Enjoy a coffee in the main square and soak up the Mediterranean atmosphere of this bustling town.


A morning cruise down the coast with a stop in one of the many secluded coves for swimming and lunch. Arrive in Korcula and enjoy a guided walk through its narrow, cobbled streets full of history, finishing with a wine tasting at a local wine bar. The evening is free to enjoy dinner at one of the many sea front restaurants. 


Set sail for the World Heritage listed city of Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Upon arrival in Dubrovnik your cruise concludes with a shared departure transfer for your onward journey wherever that may be.


What is important to remember is that a charter will normally require a minimum of one week’s travel and will include a limited amount of cruising time during that period.

This keeps the costs under control for your group and of course the tour operators so that it becomes feasible for nearly anyone to charter a boat. You can adjust part of the itinerary to suit and maybe you’d like to stay in one location a little longer than another for example.

A sample itinerary from a boat charter in Croatia

Example of a boat charter itinerary in Croatia via a smartphone App from Groups by Beyond

Want to see some real itineraries from boat charters in Europe?

One of the hardest aspects to managing a large group when travelling together is making sure everyone has all the booking details, trip information and confirmations. In the old days everyone would print out lots of email confirmations etc.

One of the unique aspects of booking a trip with Groups By Beyond is how we use smartphone applications to build your itinerary and then enable you to share it via a mobile phone or computer to everyone coming along for your cruise.

Should you use a group travel agency to book a boat charter?

A group travel specialist like “Groups By Beyond” can play a crucial role in facilitating the organisation of a boat charter for a family or a special occasion, especially when dealing with a larger group of 30 people ore more. Our group travel agency in Sydney has been helping people for more than 20 years and have so many relationships, experience and knowledge that can make chartering a boat in Croatia very simple & stress free.

This is why it makes sense:

  1. Expertise: We are specialists that are familiar with the intricacies of chartering boats in specific regions, like Croatia. We can provide valuable insights on destinations, itineraries, and local regulations as well as the best value for money travel package deals.

  2. Customisation: We can tailor the charter experience to match the preferences and needs of your family or group. This includes selecting the right type and size of boat, planning activities, and suggesting routes.

  3. Logistics: Coordinating a charter for a large group involves numerous logistics, such as accommodation, meals, transportation, and activities. The specialist can handle these details to ensure a seamless experience.

  4. Crew and Services: They can help arrange for a skilled crew, such as a captain, chef, and other staff members, to cater to your group’s needs during the charter.

  5. Safety and Regulations: Navigating local regulations, permits, and safety standards can be complex. A group travel specialist ensures that all legal and safety requirements are met.

  6. Cost Efficiency: These specialists often have established relationships with boat operators, allowing them to negotiate favourable rates and packages for their clients.

  7. Guidance and Support: Throughout the charter, the specialist remains a point of contact for any issues, inquiries, or last-minute changes, providing you with peace of mind.

Even if you don’t believe a word of what we have written above, look at the reviews we have received for our charter boat cruises in Croatia here.

We sailed from Split to Dubrovnik with 8 families with kids ranging from 15 – 26. 

Everyone had a ball!! 

Tony recommended which route to sail so we could explore beautiful Croatia during the day and party at night. The crew were excellent and accommodated every request with a smile.

….the MS Desire and crew were amazing. We all had a fantastic time….. Great time had by all. Cruise manager Bern was amazing.

What does a charter boat in Croatia look like?

See a charter boat in virtual reality

Play Video about Charter a boat in Croatia for 40 people to visit towns

There are lots of different charter boats in Croatia that you can choose from. The MS Desire is a perfect example of a charter boat and one of our most popular vessels that we book for people that have a group of 10 or more people. 

This stately vessel was first launched in 2017 so it isn’t very old. It is a charter boat that has sleek lines, excellent maneuverability and the latest in safety features that is very suited to cruise Croatia’s picturesque coast and berth in the historic ports that are quite small.

Travelling on a cruise this way is so much better than a huge ocean liner. You will feel like you are travelling like a millionaire. For your comfort the boat features 19 spacious cabins on three separate decks. All are fully air-conditioned and have twin or double beds, private en suites and contemporary facilities. 

Public spaces are plentiful, with enough room to find your own space out in the sun, near the pool or the other relaxation areas. The air-conditioned salon-restaurant, includes a fully equipped bar and leads to an outdoor lounge area with comfortable sofas. The large sun deck includes sun-beds, a small plunge pool to cool down in the heat of the day, and an outdoor bar. At the rear of the ship a swimming platform allows easy access to the sea during one of the many swim stops.

Every need is taken care of with food available, refreshments and plenty of on board activities. Each person has their own room with privacy and there is plenty of space to enjoy meals together or entertainment.

Can a business charter a boat for its customers or clients?

A group of 10 people travelling together in Croatia for a yoga themed cruise

If you are a business that has lots of repeat customers like a yoga studio for example, you could create your own bespoke tour or retreat. Your customers could be provided with an all inclusive, exclusive, opportunity to join your business on your own boat charter.

This can be used to differentiate your business, create unique experiences or create premium offers for your best customers and even as a huge competition.

The whole charter could be themed around yoga, exercise, cycling, somatic movement, historical tours and more. There is no limit to the ideas or themes that could be created when you have the boat to yourself.

How much does a boat charter in Croatia cost?

The cost of a boat charter in Croatia will vary depending on many factors. A very rough guide could be chartering a boat for AUD$64,000 (The lowest possible price, not during peak season May and October)

This can be done with a boat like the MS Adriatic Queen that has 15 cabins and can hold 30 passengers.

Once you divide up the costs it works out to be around $2,133 per person for a twin or double share room. As you can tell it is so much cheaper than going on a scheduled cruise and travelling with strangers.

So overall the costs will vary depending on;

  • The type of vessel that will be booked.
  • The number of days the charter will go for.
  • The number of people on the charter cruise.
  • How many land based activities are included.
  • The meal package chosen.
  • The time of year that you travel.

You can get a quote to work out the costs by talking to our group specialist travel agency and we can give you some estimates over the phone and then follow up with a written quotation as well.

We can also show you some more sample itineraries and the costs associated with different cruise destinations and lengths so you can compare the options available. 

Whats the difference between travelling on a large ocean liner vs a charter boat?

Travelling with a group on a large ocean liner or cruise ship and chartering a boat for a large group of people offer significantly different experiences in terms of comfort, customisation, activities, and general atmosphere. Keep in mind that most cruise ships will have around 3,000 passengers on board compared to a charter boat that might have 30. Here are some of the key differences;

  • Size and Space:
    • Large Ocean Liner: Ocean liners are massive cruise ships designed to accommodate 3,000 or more passengers. They have multiple decks, various types of cabins, restaurants, entertainment facilities, pools, and more. You group can easily get mixed in with thousands of other people and you never get to see them day to day.

    • Chartered Boat: Chartering a boat for 30 people usually refers to a smaller vessel, such as a luxury yacht or sailing catamaran. While the space is more limited compared to an ocean liner, it can provide a more intimate and personalised environment with cabins for each person, private chef and you get to be around everyone everyday instead of lost in the crowds.


  • Customisation:
    • Large Ocean Liner: Ocean liners offer a fixed itinerary, with limited flexibility to tailor the journey according to your group’s preferences. Activities, dining options, and entertainment are prearranged and you basically do whatever they specify, go where they tell you & you have to wait hours before you can get on or off the cruise ship because there are so many people.

    • Chartered Boat: Chartering a boat allows for greater customization. You can work with the charter company to design an itinerary that suits your group’s interests, including specific destinations, activities, and meal preferences. It means you can book tours or special excursions that suit your style of travel.


  • Privacy and Intimacy:
    • Large Ocean Liner: Due to the sheer number of passengers on an ocean liner, privacy and intimacy can be limited. Public spaces, dining areas, and facilities are shared with a large number of people and at breakfast for example you might be eating from a buffet with another 1,000 people fighting for food.

    • Chartered Boat: Chartering a boat provides a more private and exclusive experience. You’ll have the entire vessel to yourselves, allowing for a closer-knit social setting and more personalized service from food to entertainment or day to day cruising.


  • Activities and Destinations:
    • Large Ocean Liner: Ocean liners often visit well-known tourist destinations and offer a variety of onboard activities, such as shows, casinos, and pools. However, the range of activities may be more standardised to suit a wide range of tastes. They will also be designed to accommodate 400 people or more so will be less interactive or interesting sometimes.

    • Chartered Boat: When chartering a boat, you can choose specific destinations, anchorages, and activities. This is particularly appealing for exploring secluded coves, engaging in water sports, and enjoying unique local experiences.


  • Atmosphere:
    • Large Ocean Liner: The atmosphere on a large ocean liner is generally more lively and bustling, with many passengers and a variety of scheduled entertainment options. Although you are doing this with more than 2,000 other people on board, yes, thousands of other people trying to do the same things you want to do.

    • Chartered Boat: The atmosphere on a chartered boat is more relaxed and intimate. It’s well-suited for small groups looking for a tranquil getaway or a close bonding experience. You get a more personal experience with close friends or family.


  • Service and Crew Interaction:
    • Large Ocean Liner: On an ocean liner, the crew interacts with a large number of passengers, which can limit the depth of personal interactions. It is like staying in a huge hotel where nobody really remembers who you are and you have to wait to get help etc.

    • Chartered Boat: The crew on a chartered boat can offer more attentive and personalized service, as they are focused solely on your group’s needs.


Travelling with a group on a large ocean liner offers a mix of convenience, variety, and entertainment on a grand scale, but with less personalization and privacy. On the other hand, chartering a boat for 30 people provides a more exclusive, tailored, and intimate experience, allowing you to create a unique journey based on your group’s preferences.

Is visiting Croatia better than other places in Europe?

Step aboard, intrepid voyager. Let the Adriatic’s gentle breezes unfurl your sails and guide you to Croatia’s shores, Europe’s best-kept secret, a siren call to those with a lust for the unexplored and the exquisite. While the well-worn cobblestones of Italy, the flamenco rhythms of Spain, and the alpine splendour of Switzerland each hold their own classic allure, it is Croatia that whispers to the soul of the truly adventurous, the clever explorers who seek a tapestry woven with richer threads of culture, history, and culinary delights.

Why, you ask, would a Croatian boat cruise eclipse its European counterparts? 

Imagine a mosaic where each tesserae is a sun-kissed island, a historical marvel, a bite of gastronomic genius. This is Croatia, where every nautical mile reveals a history written in the language of the sea, every meal is a chapter of flavor bound in tradition and innovation, and every encounter is a cultural exchange painted with the colors of the Dalmatian coast.

The Food: A Symphony of Sea and Land

Let’s embark on the gourmand’s quest first. Croatian cuisine is a chorus of Mediterranean flavors sung with a Slavic accent. As your boat docks in each port, you’re not just stepping into a new town; you’re stepping into a living cookbook of Europe’s freshest fare. Here, the seafood doesn’t just speak of the sea; it roars with the taste of the very waves you’ve sailed. From the oysters of Ston, gently coaxed open to reveal their pearlescent treasures, to the black risotto of squid ink, rich and heady, each dish is a discovery.

Pair these with the nectar of the gods – the wines born of Hvar’s sun-soaked vines, the potent spirits distilled from the fruits of Korčula’s orchards – and you have a culinary journey that rivals any landlocked European experience. This is not just eating; this is dining in a way that entwines you with the very essence of the region.

The History: Echoes of Empires

As you navigate the crystalline waters, the shores whisper tales of bygone empires. Croatia’s history is not just recorded in textbooks but etched in the very stones of the cities like Dubrovnik and Split. The ancient walls of Dubrovnik, a city that once rivaled the maritime might of Venice, invite you not to just walk through them but to travel through time. In Split, the grandeur of Diocletian’s Palace surrounds you, a Roman emperor’s retirement home turned living city.

Each harbor is a portal to the past, where the Venetians, the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Habsburgs have all left their indelible marks. It’s a 360-degree, open-air museum where history is not confined behind glass but underfoot, overhead, and within reach. The clever traveler knows that here, in the heart of Europe, the past is not a relic but a companion on their journey.

The Culture: A Tapestry Woven with Diversity

Croatia is not a monoculture; it is a vibrant tapestry of regional identities, each thread a different hue of tradition and modernity. As your boat slips into a new harbor, the tapestry unfolds in the dialect of the locals, the music that fills the air during a spontaneous klapa performance, and the festivals that celebrate everything from ancient gods to modern art.

The intrepid soul will find solace in the quiet contemplation of a Byzantine chapel, thrill in the raucous celebration of a local saint’s day, and be moved by the stark beauty of a traditional a cappella song. The adventurous are rewarded with a cultural richness that popular, crowded destinations can rarely offer in such an intimate setting.

The Adventure: An Odyssey for the Senses

A boat cruise in Croatia is an odyssey that tantalizes all senses. It’s the touch of lavender from Hvar’s fields, the sight of the sun setting over the Kornati archipelago, the sound of waves lapping against the hull of your boat, the scent of pine as you anchor in a secluded bay, and the taste of a wine that carries the essence of the Istrian terroir.

While others may jostle for space in the tourist hotspots, the clever voyager who selects Croatia is immersed in an experience both serene and stimulating. Here, adventure is bespoke, tailored to the pace and passion of the traveler. One day may bring the tranquility of a secluded cove, the next the exhilarating challenge of navigating the currents around the islands.

The People: Guardians of the Adriatic

Finally, the heart of Croatia’s uniqueness beats in its people. Proud yet hospitable, they are the guardians of the Adriatic, ready to share their stories, their homes, and their tables. They offer not just a room or a meal, but an entry into the Croatian way of life.

As you voyage from port to port, you are not a tourist; you are a guest. You are invited to not just see Croatia but to participate in its daily rhythms. The knowing traveler understands that the value of a journey is measured not just in the sights seen but in the connections made, and in Croatia, those connections are as deep as the Adriatic itself.

While the grandeur of Italy, Spain, or Switzerland may call to many, the wise and worldly cast their gaze towards Croatia’s shores. Here, they find a Europe untouched by the homogeneity of mass tourism, a realm where food, history, and culture converge in a symphony of experiences, and where the journey itself becomes a story worth retelling. For those who choose to answer the call, the rewards are as limitless as the horizon that beckons them forward on their Croatian odyssey.

Tony Gattari
Tony Gattari

Tony is the passionate, energetic person that runs Groups by Beyond. He has a love for travel that has grown over the years and he has been to more than 40 countries over the years. He will help you create an incredible adventure for your group to experience anywhere in the world.

Imagine travelling to Croatia on a small ship luxury boat or indulging in a food and wine tour.

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