Ever thought of a large group boat cruise in Croatia?

Did you know it is very easy to go with a large group on a boat cruise in Croatia. you can even charter one that carries up to 30 people & travel like a celebrity – see how
Large group boat cruise in Croatia

Large group boat Cruise in Croatia for Australians


As we step into a world where travel is not just about visiting a destination but imbibing its very soul, we know this type of travel experience can transcend the ordinary options of bus tours or huge cruise ship liners. Imagine weaving through the untouched paradises of Croatia, under the soft, golden embrace of the sun, and above the silent depths of the azure Adriatic Sea.

Let us unfold before you a world where Croatia cruises aren’t just about glistening waters but narrate an intricate dance of culture, luxury, and mystique. A Croatia boat cruise that isn’t limited to the casual observer but invites the discerning traveller into an intimate embrace, revealing the hidden gems that bedeck the revered Croatian shores of Split, Dubrovnik, and beyond.

Our group travel agency in Sydney helps people charter a luxury boat in Croatia to use exclusively for your group of ten or more people. If you have a large group of people that you are thinking of going on holiday with then chartering a boat is the best option compared to driving, taking a bus or going on an ocean liner together for a holiday (especially in Croatia) as it can be done for between $2,000 and $5,000 inc gst per person depending on the timing, vessel chosen and number of people.

You can have a group of 10, 15, 20, or even 40 people as friends or family groups who travel together on your own large boat or luxury yacht that is charted for your exclusive use to have a party, explore or do activities like yoga, bike riding or other themes.

Chartering a boat in Croatia can be done by a group travel specialist in Sydney Australia like Groups By Beyond where we can coordinate & manage a big group of people travelling together to destinations around the world.

Large groups going together on a boat cruise in Croatia

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In the realm of cruises for large groups, often the individual touch is lost amidst the overwhelming crowds that go on large cruise ships, bus tours or even try driving themselves from town to town. 

Not here. 

Our luxury cruising yachts are havens of opulence, crafting personal paradises for each guest. Every cabin, every deck, every nook of our luxury boat charter Croatia resonates with a harmony that’s both intimate and grand. Designed to host up to 30 souls, every journey is a personalised narrative, echoing the whisper of the Adriatic and the silent tales of the enchanting destinations of Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Hvar, Korcula, Slano, and Makarska.

Luxury cruises in Croatia have a new synonym, a private boat charter Croatia experience that combines the bespoke touch of luxury small boat cruises Croatia with the grandeur expected of the best cruises for large groups. 

Every itinerary, every route is meticulously crafted, echoing the silent sonnets of Croatian shores.

A Croatia boat charter with skipper and full crew can help slowly unveil the secrets of the Adriatic for you and your fellow travellers. At each stop, from the historic grandeur of Dubrovnik to the architectural allure of Split; from the cultural richness of Zagreb to the natural paradise of Plitvice Lakes, every touch, every gaze is a discovery. The islands of Hvar, Korcula, beckon with a mystical allure, while Slano and Makarska unfold like hidden gems amidst the Croatian tapestry.

In a world inundated with impersonal travel experiences, our small ship cruising options in Croatia can be an intimate sojourn, every journey echoing the highest standards of the best small ship cruises in Croatia as echoed in our countless cruise reviews.

Every luxury small ship cruise in Croatia is not just about destinations but an immersive experience. These are the types of small boat cruises that are suitable for mature couples, each journey unfolds not just the external landscapes but delves into the intrinsic, weaving through the soulful trails that define each traveler.

The all-encompassing experience of an all inclusive Croatia cruise assures that every need, every whim, and every desire isn’t just satisfied but anticipated and exceeded. 

Each suite aboard this luxury yacht cruises Croatia is a masterpiece of comfort and opulence, every service, a silent ode to luxury. Comfortable beds, spacious dining areas and sun drenched decks await.


Your journey through Croatia small boat cruises isn’t just about witnessing the sunset over the tranquil waters of Hvar or tracing the ancient architectural marvels of Split. It’s about imbibing the culture, the essence, the very soul that defines each destination. As your esteemed host, each Croatia small ship cruise is designed to unveil, not just the scenic splendour, but the silent, profound narrative that defines Croatia.

Croatia – a land where the past and present, the natural and the man-made, the soul and the landscape converge into a silent symphony. A symphony that’s not heard but felt, not witnessed but experienced. Our small ship cruises Croatia are crafted to unveil this very symphony, every route, every destination is a note, every experience, a melody, crafting a soul-stirring narrative of Croatian allure.

Step aboard, and let’s together unveil a Croatia that’s not found in tourist brochures but resides in the silent trails of the Plitvice Lakes, in the ancient stones of Dubrovnik, in the serene waves of Makarska, in the cultural richness of Zagreb, and in the mystical embrace of Korcula and Slano.

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What does a large group boat cruise in Croatia look like?

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There are lots of different cruise boats suitable for large groups in Croatia that you can choose from. The MS Desire is a perfect example of a charter boat and one of our most popular vessels that we book for people that have a group of 10 or more people. 

This stately vessel was first launched in 2017 so it isn’t very old. It is a charter boat that has sleek lines, excellent maneuverability and the latest in safety features that is very suited to cruise Croatia’s picturesque coast and berth in the historic ports that are quite small.

Travelling on a cruise this way is so much better than a huge ocean liner. You will feel like you are travelling like a millionaire. For your comfort the boat features 19 spacious cabins on three separate decks. All are fully air-conditioned and have twin or double beds, private en suites and contemporary facilities. 

Public spaces are plentiful, with enough room to find your own space out in the sun, near the pool or the other relaxation areas. The air-conditioned salon-restaurant, includes a fully equipped bar and leads to an outdoor lounge area with comfortable sofas. 

The large sun deck includes sun-beds, a small plunge pool to cool down in the heat of the day, and an outdoor bar. At the rear of the ship a swimming platform allows easy access to the sea during one of the many swim stops.

Every need is taken care of with food available, refreshments and plenty of on board activities. Each person has their own room with privacy and there is plenty of space to enjoy meals together or entertainment.

How much does it cost to rent a mega yacht in Croatia for a large group?

The cost to rent a mega yacht in Croatia for a large group is actually very affordable. The cost per person can vary from between $2,600 per person to up to $5,000 per person depending on whether the boat is chartered exclusively or not.

30 people can share the cost of chartering a luxury boat, or some people call them mega yachts, in Croatia and the cost can be split per person / group or couple.

Depending on how this is done, the cost of travelling exclusively on a mega yacht style of boat can be very affordable and a better option compared to travelling on an ocean liner with two thousand people or more.

What locations can a large group boat cruise in Croatia visit?

Welcome to a world where each Croatia boat charter isn’t a journey but a revelation, every luxury yacht cruises Croatia not an experience but an intimate embrace, every destination not a place but a soulful discovery. 

What we consider are the best small boat cruises you can choose from in Europe, every sunset is a sonnet, every wave a melody, every destination, a symphony of profound, unyielding discovery of some of the most beautiful destinations you can find.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, Dubrovnik is a walled city with a rich history dating back to the 7th century. The city is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, including the Franciscan Monastery, the Rector’s Palace, and the St. Blaise Church. Dubrovnik is also a popular filming location, having been featured in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”.

Dubrovnik, Croatia



Split is the second-largest city in Croatia and is home to the Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace was built in the 4th century AD by the Roman emperor Diocletian and is one of the best-preserved Roman palaces in the world. Split is also a popular beach destination, with several beaches located within walking distance of the city center.

Split, Croatia



Hvar is a popular island destination in Croatia, known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. The island is also home to several historical sites, including the Hvar Cathedral and the Franciscan Monastery.

Hvar, Croatia



Mljet is a national park island in Croatia, known for its dense forests, salt lakes, and secluded beaches. The island is a popular destination for hiking, biking, and swimming.

Mljet, Croatia



Korčula is a walled city island in Croatia, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and beautiful beaches. The island is also a popular destination for wine tasting, as it is home to several vineyards.

Korčula, Croatia



Lošinj is an island in the Kvarner Gulf, known for its beautiful beaches, lush green hills, and mild climate. The island is also a popular destination for hiking, biking, and birdwatching.

Lošinj, Croatia



These are just a few of the many beautiful locations that can be visited on a small cruise ship in Croatia. Small cruise ships offer a more intimate and personalised experience than larger cruise ships, and they are able to access smaller ports and coves that larger ships cannot.

Let’s not just travel; let’s embark upon a soulful sojourn where every gaze is a discovery, every touch, a revelation. 

Welcome to Croatia. Welcome to an odyssey of the soul.

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