How you can charter a boat for a large group

Did you know you can charter a luxury boat and take a group of 10 or more people with you to Europe?
A group of 30 people travelling together in Croatia

Anyone can charter a boat in Europe with a large group of people

Think about it, most of the time you will book your holiday for yourself, your family or maybe a loved one. So you might end up jumping on a boat cruise, a bus tour or something similar where you are travelling in a group, but it is mainly strangers.

So yes, for sure you might meet new people but generally speaking it can be a lonely experience sometimes. What if we told you it is possible to charter a boat for say ten, twenty or even fifty people that you can have to yourselves?

Our travel agency specialises in managing all the organisation for a large group of people to travel to amazing destinations around the world. One the most popular ways to experience Europe is to charter a boat and we send thousands of people every year to places like Croatia, Slovenia and other unique destinations in groups of ten or more people. 

As we have mentioned in our other advice pieces you can travel in a large group to;

  • celebrate a birthday like a 40th, 50th or 60th
  • maybe it is for an engagement party or wedding
  • doing a holiday with a group of friends
  • travelling together with multiple families
  • a girls holiday or a boys bucket list adventure

Whatever the reason it is an excellent way of fostering meaningful connections, making new friends, and creating unforgettable memories. 

Instead of posting photos to social media or sending a few photos via SMS, you can literally bond bond over your new experiences, share laughs, and build a stronger relationship with each other as you enjoy an amazing holiday together.

If you charter a boat it means you are travelling together in total luxury visiting one port after the other. Traveling as a group offers cost-effective advantages that are not possible when traveling alone. Therefore, a group holiday to somewhere like Croatia on a charter boat for example is an unparalleled experience packed with numerous benefits.

What are the benefits of getting a charter boat vs going on a cruise ship?

Just look at the stunning images above… isn’t that enough to convince you to charter a boat?

The charter boats that our travel agency organises large group holidays for are luxury vessels that are much smaller than a cruise ship. They are like travelling on a multi-million dollar yacht that the rich and famous use.

They are large enough to have plenty of space to enjoy your holiday, but then small enough to be intimate, travel to small ports and feel like you are on a private boat cruise the whole time. If you travel with a large group you can charter the whole boat or have most of the cabins for the people travelling with you.

This makes it easy to have a huge birthday party on a boat cruise, celebrate a wedding, organise a family reunion with people from around the world or just go on holiday with friends.

Compared to a cruise ship that might have thousands of passengers, a charter boat might have one hundred people and give you a very different holiday experience. 

For example, chartering a super yacht for a large group of twenty people can offer a unique and luxurious holiday experience in Europe that surpasses what a big cruise ship can provide. Here are several reasons why chartering a super yacht may be a better choice for your group:

  1. Personalised and exclusive holiday experiences: When you charter a super yacht, you have the freedom to customise every aspect of your itinerary and onboard experience in most cases.

    From selecting your preferred routes and activities to designing a menu tailored to your group’s tastes, you have full control over the details. Depending on the type of package you choose or the charter, this personalised approach allows you to create a truly exclusive and unforgettable holiday that caters specifically to your group’s desires.

  2. Privacy and intimacy: Chartering a super yacht ensures privacy and intimacy for your group. Unlike a big cruise ship, where you share common areas and facilities with hundreds or even thousands of passengers, a super yacht provides a private space exclusively for your group.

    You can enjoy the onboard amenities, such as spacious lounges, jacuzzis, and swimming pools, without the crowds, offering a more intimate and relaxed environment.

  3. Flexibility and freedom: With a super yacht charter, you have the flexibility to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations that are often inaccessible to large cruise ships. You can explore secluded bays, hidden coves, and charming coastal towns that showcase the authentic essence of Europe. The yacht’s smaller size allows for more flexibility in docking at marinas close to city centres, enabling easy access to cultural landmarks and local attractions.

  4. Personalised service and crew: Super yacht charters come with a dedicated crew, including a captain, chef, stewardesses, and additional staff.

    This professional crew is solely focused on providing exceptional service and ensuring that your group’s needs and preferences are met. The crew members are highly trained in hospitality, and their personalised attention and expertise enhance your onboard experience, creating a sense of luxury and comfort.

  5. Tailored cuisine and dining: Chartering a super yacht allows you to savour exquisite culinary delights prepared by a private chef who caters specifically to your group’s tastes and dietary preferences.

    You can indulge in freshly caught seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and gourmet cuisine, all expertly crafted and tailored to your desires. This personalised dining experience surpasses the mass-produced meals served on big cruise ships.

    The other added benefit of a smaller vessel is that it can dock in smaller ports so that you can wander around a seaside village and visit local restaurants when you want.

  6. Exclusivity and prestige: Chartering a super yacht offers a level of exclusivity and prestige that is unparalleled. It provides an opportunity to enjoy the opulence, elegance, and privacy that come with having your own floating sanctuary.

    The luxury amenities, top-notch service, and breathtaking views contribute to a sense of indulgence and create an unforgettable travel experience for your group.

While big cruise ships offer a range of amenities and activities, chartering a super yacht for a large group of twenty people elevates the holiday experience to new heights. With personalised service, privacy, flexibility, and the ability to explore hidden gems, a super yacht charter in Europe for large groups travelling together provides a luxurious and unforgettable journey tailored exclusively to your group’s desires.

7 reasons to charter a boat for a large group in Europe

Why is chartering a boat for a holiday to destination like Europe such a great idea? Well firstly it is possible and very easy to charter a boat for a group of 10, 20, 30 or even 50 people in Europe, our travel agency has been doing it for nearly thirty years. 

Europe offers a variety of destinations where you can charter a luxury boat for your group and embark on a memorable cruising adventure to nearly anywhere you can think of. These are the steps to take;

  1. Destination selection
    Europe offers numerous destinations for boat charters, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Greek Islands, the French Riviera, and the British Isles, among others. Consider the preferences of your group, including the desired climate, scenery, and activities, when selecting the destination. Our travel agency specialises in locations like Croatia for example.

  2. Boat Type and Size:
    Determine the type and size of boat that will accommodate your group comfortably. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose from options such as sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, or even luxury mega-yachts. Ensure that the boat has adequate cabins, common areas, and amenities to accommodate everyone comfortably.

    Our travel agency is very experienced at helping you select the right charter boat that will suit your needs. There may be some limitations in terms of routes and dates but based on your group, the reason for the holiday & the destinations we will help figure out the rest for you to make things easy.

  3. Charter Duration:
    Decide on the duration of your charter, whether it’s a week-long adventure or a shorter trip. Keep in mind that longer charters allow for more exploration and flexibility in terms of visiting different islands, cities or coastal towns.

    Most of our charter cruises go for seven days or longer and are all equally popular as some people enjoy a short holiday while others like to spend more time overseas.

  4. Crewed or bareboat Charter:
    Decide whether you prefer a crewed or bareboat charter. A crewed charter provides the convenience of having a professional crew, including a captain, chef and other staff who take care of everything. Our travel agency only offers this type of boat charter because we cater to people who want a luxurious holiday where you get spoilt and never have to lift a finger. 

    A bareboat charter, on the other hand, allows you to captain the boat yourself if you have the necessary qualifications and is a bit more of an action adventure holiday which might be stressful if you are travelling in a large group with ten or more people.

  5. Charter Company and Booking:
    Research reputable travel agents who have experience dealing with charger companies in your chosen destination. Compare their offerings, reviews, and pricing to find the best option that suits your group’s needs.

    We offer free consultations to discuss availability, pricing, and any specific requirements you may have. We can even do a video call using Zoom or Google Meet so that we can chat face to face to build your itinerary for the group. 

  6. Itinerary Planning:
    Collaborate with your group to plan an itinerary that includes destinations, anchorages, and activities that align with everyone’s interests. Once you have an idea we can help you finalise all of those details using our experience as a travel agent and all the suppliers we use.

    Consider visiting picturesque islands, coastal towns, historic sites, and popular attractions in the region. Traveling in a large group provides the opportunity to tailor experiences and plan group activities with customised itineraries.

    As a travel agent when we speak to tour operators it makes our task of negotiating on your behalf a lot easier if we can say we want ten or twenty spots for your large group.

    Places like Europe offer an array of group-friendly options, such as guided tours, river cruises, cooking classes, and team-building activities. 

    These activities not only cater to diverse interests and preferences within the group but also create opportunities for shared experiences and bonding. Exploring historical landmarks, immersing in local customs, and participating in group adventures contribute to a sense of unity and collective enjoyment, making the trip even more memorable.

    Each part of a holiday itinerary can be created to have a mix of free time, group activities and even optional components that can keep everyone happy whether they are children or adults.

  7. Charter boat costs:
    A lot of people think it is expensive to charter a boat, well it is and it isn’t. When you have a group of maybe 20 people chartering a boat it means all the costs are divided amongst those people. So while it may be more expensive than going on a cruise ship, you get the benefits of having your own luxury boat, less people to deal with and a group that travels together who knows each other. 

    These relationships instantly make any type of charter boat holiday even more memorable while splitting the costs amongst so many people makes it affordable too.


So as you can see it is pretty easy to charter a boat in Europe to carry ten or more people on a holiday there are loads of options available, it is wise to engage with a travel agent like Groups by Beyond who specialise in this particular type of travel. Our knowledge, expertise and supplier relationships will get you the best offers, most interesting itineraries & reasonable travel costs that will be attractive to anyone in your group.

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