What are the benefits of using a group travel specialist?

Travelling in a group of 10 or more people can be fun, safe & create loads of benefits that you may not have thought of before
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The benefits of booking with a group travel specialist in Australia


If you are thinking about planning a holiday with friends or family it can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. It is common to travel to places like Europe as a family or maybe as friends.

However, imagine experiencing it with a larger group of people. A trip to Europe with a group comprising 10, 15, 20, or even 50 individuals can create an absolutely incredible adventure and is actually really easy to do.

As a group travel specialist specialises we manage all the organisation for a big group of people to travel to amazing destinations around the world. There are many exceptional reasons why organising a trip of this magnitude can be an extraordinary idea. There are so many amazing advantages of group travel and that’s why it makes sense to use a travel agent that is experienced handling large numbers of people, but also suitable transportation, accommodation and activities.

Instead of posting photos to social media or sending a few photos via SMS, you can literally bond bond over your new experiences, share laughs, and build a stronger relationship with each other as you enjoy an amazing holiday together.

Exploring diverse cultures with a group can also be insightful as people view things differently, leading to enriching discussions, views & opinions that are shared, it makes a travel experience even more immersive and interesting.

Travelling as a group offers cost-effective advantages that are not possible when travelling alone.

” Best week ever!!! 

Finally securing MS Desire for a boat charter, travelling from Split to Dubrovnik on 1st July 2023 with 8 families (41 people travelling in a group onboard). 

Tony spent time with us tweaking our itinerary so we saw the very best of what Croatia had to offer. 

Everything about this boat was exceptional, the spaces, the food, the service and the fabulous crew. 

Our amazing cruise manager Bernarda was very accommodating in making sure everyone onboard had a fun and memorable week.”

Using a group travel specialist in Australia

Using a group travel specialist for a group of 10 people offers several advantages over going to an everyday travel agent or attempting to plan the trip yourself.


Here are some key reasons why:

Expertise in Group Travel:
Group travel specialists have specific knowledge and expertise in organising and managing group trips. They understand the unique dynamics and requirements of traveling with a larger group, such as coordinating logistics, negotiating group rates, and handling group-specific concerns. Their experience allows them to anticipate challenges and provide tailored solutions for a smooth and enjoyable group travel experience.

Time and Effort Savings:
Planning a group trip can be a complex and time-consuming task, involving multiple bookings, coordinating preferences, and managing communication with various participants. A group travel specialist can handle all these responsibilities on your behalf, saving you significant time and effort. They have established relationships with airlines, hotels, and other service providers, streamlining the planning process and ensuring efficient coordination.

Access to unique accomodation or transport:
Not all travel agents have the same buying power so what suppliers will do is try and work with selected travel agents that make sense for what they are offering. So for example a group travel specialist will get access to exclusive boat charters in Europe because the whole boat can be booked by a group vs waiting for lots of individuals to book.

Group Discounts and Benefits:
Group travel specialists often have access to exclusive group rates and discounts not available to individual travellers or standard travel agents. Due to their established connections and bulk buying power, they can secure better deals on accommodation, transportation, activities, and other services. This can result in substantial cost savings for the entire group, making the trip more affordable and budget-friendly.

Customised Itineraries:
Group travel specialists understand that each group has its own unique interests, preferences, and goals for the trip. They can create customised itineraries that cater to the specific needs and desires of the group members. Whether it’s arranging special activities, organising team-building exercises, or incorporating specific sightseeing requests, they can tailor the itinerary to ensure everyone’s expectations are met.

Professional Coordination:
Group trips often involve multiple logistical considerations, such as transportation, accommodations, dining arrangements, and activities. A group travel specialist can handle all these aspects with professionalism and efficiency. They can manage group reservations, handle any last-minute changes or emergencies, and provide on-site support throughout the trip. This level of coordination helps reduce stress and ensures a seamless travel experience for everyone involved.

Peace of Mind:
By entrusting the planning and coordination of the group trip to a specialist, you can have peace of mind knowing that the logistics are being taken care of by professionals. This allows you to focus on enjoying the trip and spending quality time with your group, without the added stress of managing the intricate details yourself. In case any issues arise during the trip, the travel specialist can provide prompt assistance and resolve them efficiently.

Utilising a group travel specialist for a group of 10 people offers expertise, convenience, cost savings, and a personalised experience. Their specialised knowledge and attention to detail can enhance the quality of the trip, making it a more enjoyable and memorable experience for all participants.

Organising a large group to travel overseas is very easy

Organising a holiday trip overseas to places like Europe if you have a large group of 10, 15, 20, or even 50 people can be very simple if you use a travel agent like us who only does this type of booking management.

Our relationships extend across thousands of suppliers who can accomodate large groups of people very easily. Travelling this way can give you so many remarkable benefits from strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories to enjoying cost-effective advantages and engaging in cultural exchanges, the experience becomes unparalleled. 

As a group, you can navigate multiple countries in Europe with enhanced safety and security, share the joy of discovering new places together, and partake in group activities that foster camaraderie. The cost savings obtained through group rates and shared expenses make the journey more accessible to everyone, ensuring that all individuals can enjoy the wonders of another country without financial strain. 

So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues, plan a grand adventure overseas and embark on a journey that will create lifelong memories and strengthen the bonds between you. 


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Tony Gattari
Tony Gattari

Tony is the passionate, energetic person that runs Groups by Beyond. He has a love for travel that has grown over the years and he has been to more than 40 countries over the years. He will help you create an incredible adventure for your group to experience anywhere in the world.

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