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We make it easy for a travel agent to sell large group tours - we do everything for you with our unique systems.

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Play Video about Beyond Travel Groups helping travel agents to sell large group bookings video 9 by 16

Sell group holiday bookings

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Play Video about Beyond Travel Groups helping travel agents make more money video 9 by 16

Groups By Beyond is a division of Beyond Travel and we provide a dedicated service for travel agents who want to market and sell large group tours. 

We do everything for you, we manage all the operational issues all you need to do is promote the offer to your clients, it really is that simple.

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The best way to differentiate your travel agency

Selling large group tours is easy

Beyond Tours has been selling group tours for nearly 30 years, we know every trick in the book, have thousands of supplier relationships & you get access to all of that.

Free training

we teach you how to sell group tours

Play Video about Beyond Travel Groups helping travel agents with free training video
Play Video about Beyond Travel Groups helping travel agents with free training video 9 by 16

Selling a group tour package is really easy.

We will even provide free training to help you get comfortable doing it.

We can customise a program to suit your target budget, pricing or group size.

Customised itinerary app for every client

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Play Video about Beyond Groups Travel sample itinerary via smartphone app screenshot

We make it so easy to manage a large group booking that we even include a customised tour itinerary app that every person can use while they are travelling.

Dates, times, locations – everything is in the palm of their hand on their phone. They can check their details, schedules, activities for the day and more. Everything is updated electronically if anything changes and it makes it really easy to keep track of your plans.

Beyond Groups Travel sample itinerary via smartphone app

happy travel agents

A Tillery
Founder EBST Made Me Travel

I am beyond satisfied with the Groups by Beyond travel agency, especially, Tony Gattari. Working with this company to organise my group was a fantastic process from beginning to end where I felt not only welcomed as a client, but truly respected as a business owner. 

Beyond Travel provided an unparalleled level of expertise…… this process was absolutely seamless, and they also delivered a top-notch experience for myself and my clients.

Anna Bove
Above Yoga Group

You can tell he really cares about people and his clients and wants to make sure everyone has a phenomenal travel experience! They were very willing to work with me to change things…  help me with logistics… our group loved their yoga trip and even though we had forty people travelling everything was very smooth.

Customised & unique packages

Travel agent helping a family book a large group cruise

"... I wasn't confident selling such a large tour package, but Tony held my hand every step of the way. In fact Groups By Beyond did everything for me..." - Elle

We can help you create a group tour package to basically any destination you can imagine. We build a package that suits your target customers.


1. Exclusive experiences:
When you travel as a group, you often have the choice to charter a private boat, ensuring that you have the entire vessel to yourselves. This exclusivity means you can customise the itinerary, activities, and atmosphere to suit your group’s preferences and interests. A group of 20 to 30 people can split the cost of the boat charter to make it affordable to travel in a large group with friends or family who all love doing yoga.


2. Simplified planning:
Planning a group trip can be complex, but a boat cruise simplifies many aspects of the process. You have a single point of contact for booking, accommodations, dining, and activities, reducing the logistical challenges often associated with large group travel. This means you all have the same details, travel together & everything is coordinated by our travel agency.


3. Enhanced social interaction:
Traveling with a large group provides a unique opportunity for social interaction and bonding. You can strengthen existing relationships, make new friends, and share memorable experiences with a diverse and like-minded group of people.


4. Entertainment:
Our luxury ships are equipped with a wide range of onboard entertainment options, including dining areas, sun decks and other outdoor areas suitable for recreational activities. This ensures that everyone in your group can find something they enjoy without needing to leave the vessel. Then when we do reach a port or a harbour, the boat is small enough to dock and let people off to explore at leisure.


5. Safety and security:
Traveling in a large group can provide an added sense of safety and security. You can look out for each other, and the group size can be reassuring, especially when exploring unfamiliar destinations.


6. Group discounts:
Many group travel agents offer discounts and incentives for large groups, making the trip more cost-effective for everyone. This can include complimentary amenities, or group-specific land based excursions or tours.


7. Variety of destinations:
Cruise itineraries often include multiple destinations, allowing your group to explore a range of places in a single trip without the hassle of packing and unpacking at each stop.


8. Customised activities:
You can work with the cruise operator to customise activities and excursions to cater to your group’s interests and preferences. Whether it’s cultural tours, adventure activities, or themed events, the cruise can be tailored to your desires.


9. Diverse dining options:
Cruise ships offer a variety of dining options, from buffet-style meals to fine dining. This means that even if your group has varying dietary preferences or restrictions, there are plenty of choices to satisfy everyone.


10. Hassle-free travel:
Once on board, you can relax and enjoy the journey without worrying about transportation logistics, packing and unpacking, or finding restaurants and entertainment options. Everything you need is conveniently located on the ship.

We can create themed cruises as well
Sample itinerary of a group cruise

We have access to a range of luxury boats and can create an itinerary that suits any idea, budget or location


Departure from Split at 13:00h followed by lunch on board and a swim break. Continue to Pučišća on the Brač island. Time to get acquainted with the yoga teacher and fellow passengers at the first meditation session. Pučišća is a typical lovely Mediterranean village, situated on the northern side of the Brač island at the bottom of the deep bay. 

It is the cradle of the world’s famous white stone of Brač. Possibility of visiting a stone-masonry workshop, one of the few such workshops left in Europe. Enjoy the domestic food, wine and famous olive oil of this coastal village. Overnight in the port of Pučišća.


Early morning exercise on the sundeck, followed by breakfast. After a morning swim in the crystal blue sea, cruise towards the Korčula island, the birthplace of the explorer, Marco Polo. Lunch will be served either on the tip of the Pelješac peninsula (near Lovište) or in the quiet bay of Kneža on the Korčula island. Afternoon meditation on board in one of the tranquil bays. 

Late afternoon arrival in Korčula, followed by a guided sightseeing tour of this exceptional town that treasures many legends, tales and monuments. In the evening, visit one of the numerous konobas (bistro-style restaurants), enjoy the stunning views of the mainland from the numerous cafes and bars, or visit a nearby village for a typical village dinner experience. 


As the early morning sun warms up during the Yoga session on the vessel’s sun deck, the cruise continues towards the Lastovo Nature Park, the furthest inhabited island in Dalmatia, which Romans called the Imperial Island. Opportunity to visit the protected Lastovo Nature Park (to be paid on the spot) or visit the biggest town on the island – Lastovo. 

The Island is surrounded by many smaller islands, with plenty of secluded bays suitable for swimming, snorkelling, or if preferred, some personal meditation. It is also well known for many little churches and unusually shaped chimneys. This evening is Captain’s dinner onboard and overnight.


Enjoy the early morning yoga class during departure towards the Vis Island, which was “off-limits” to tourists for many years: because of its unique geographical position, it was a strategic harbour for the Yugoslav navy and in this period of isolation Vis has retained a rather special charm reflecting the “‘Mediterranean as it once was”, making it really interesting to see. 

Near Vis, there is the tiny Ravnik Island, where the Green Cave is situated and which was named after the unusual greenish light that reflects in the sea (entrance fee approx. EUR 10.-). After a short swim break, cruise to the town of Vis, situated on the northern side of the island. Visit the remains of the Roman Baths, City Museum or take a walk enjoying the view of the beautiful Villae Rusticae situated along the coast. Overnight.


Enjoy the early morning yoga session as the vessel cruises towards the little island of Biševo to visit the Blue cave, a magnificent natural phenomenon. The possibility of the cave visit depends on weather conditions. Entrance to the Blue cave is to be paid directly on the spot (EUR 18.- per person). The cruise then continues towards Stari Grad on the Hvar island, officially the sunniest Adriatic island. 

Afternoon at leisure to explore this unique town after the afternoon meditation. The famous Stari Grad Field is the oldest in Croatia and the best-preserved example of the ancient Greek system of agriculture. Together with the old town, it is a part of world heritage protected by UNESCO. Overnight in Stari Grad.


Awake the body and mind with the early morning yoga session on the sun deck. After breakfast, cruise towards the beautiful island of Brač and the famous small town of Bol. Swimming is planned at the most famous beach in Dalmatia – Zlatni Rat (the Golden Horn – its shingle promontory shifts from side to side as the wind and waves constantly change its shape). 

Meditation in Bol, after finding the perfect spot, possibly under the pine trees. Bol is a typical fishermen’s town that became a popular tourist destination. Explore it and check some of the great restaurants offering excellent fresh fish, local wines and other authentic island delicacies. Enjoy a lovely walk or cycle along the promenade. Hike or rent a scooter up to Vidova Gora for a spectacular view of Bol and the surrounding islands. Overnight in Bol.


Today’s destination is the beautiful island of Šolta, well known for its excellent, dark olive oil and lovely little fisherman ports. Spend the night in one of these fishing villages and take the opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this unique island although within sight of Split.


Early morning departure towards Split. Gather for one last breakfast at the vessel, followed by goodbyes with the crew and all the new friends, before they see you off in Split.

We can help you generate amazing reviews from clients

“We sailed from Split to Dubrovnik with 8 families with kids ranging from 15 – 26. Everyone had a ball!!

Tony spent time with us tweaking our itinerary so we saw the very best of what Croatia had to offer. Everything about this boat was exceptional, the spaces, the food, the service and the fabulous crew. Our amazing cruise manager Bernarda was very accommodating in making sure everyone onboard had a fun and memorable week.”

I am beyond satisfied with the Groups by Beyond travel agency, especially, Tony Gattari. Working with this company to organise my group was a fantastic process from beginning to end where I felt not only welcomed as a client, but truly respected as a business owner. Beyond Travel provided an unparalleled level of expertise…

Travel agent taking a booking for a large group

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